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Save Big On BBQs, Air Purifiers, Mattresses and More With Renaud Air!

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Get your must-have items before the season starts!

Looking for an online site to satisfy your Hong Kong needs? Look no further than Renaud Air. Right now it’s having its Chinese New Year 2018 Sale on BBQ grills, air purifiers and mattresses, so you have #noexcuses to not jump on these fabulous deals! These offers are ones you cannot miss. We’re talking free shipping in Hong Kong, amazing prices and a selection that is unlike any other.

Renaud Air is the problem solver you’ve been looking for. Does your little one want a sleepover but you just don’t have the room? Check out the AeroBed air mattresses on sale now – there are double and single versions – so you can blow one up for the night. It folds down easily, and you can tuck under a bed or in a closet for the next slumber party. Sleepover sorted!

And, Renaud Air doesn’t stop at mattresses. In this less-than-pristine city of ours, we are desperate for clean air and water. Whether you need to make a baby bottle or just want to fill your own water bottle for a family hike, you’ll want to make sure the water you drink and use has filtered out all the unwanted bits. Renaud Air has water filters for both drinking and showering, putting your mind at ease any time you or your family members turn on the tap.

With all the pollution in HK, it’s hard to know what type of air purifier to get. That’s where Renaud Air come in. If you’re unsure about which item you need, Renaud Air offers free air quality testing to determine which harmful pollutants are in your home. The experts will help you choose an item that is just right for you and your home environment.

As a special bonus Sassy Mama readers will receive 5% off when they use the code SASSYMAMA5 at checkout (expires 1 March, 2018).

Brought to you in partnership with Renaud Air. Featured image courtesy of Renaud Air

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