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In Search of Early Morning Brunch in Hong Kong

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One of the revelations of parenthood was the sheer length of the days at the weekend as it seems I’ve been lying in on a Saturday and Sunday in various states of inebriation or regretful fragility since my late teens.

Now as a parent I’m no stranger to the wrong kind of 6am and The Boy and I have often gone through the entire gamut of his house-based activities and are raring to get out the door by 8.

Determined not to give up one of our greatest joys of the weekend my husband and I still aim to go out for brunch on a Saturday morning. I guess at 8am it’s actually breakfast but I maintain that if it takes place in a restaurant and is as leisurely as possible given an excitable 18 month old then we can still call it brunch.

The problem we’ve encountered is that for some mysterious reason restaurants in Hong Kong don’t usually open until 11, which limits our options somewhat.

Where do we go? Well, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

The obvious place to go is the Flying Pan on Old Bailey Street especially for those really early morning starts and that’s fine as far as it goes but most weekends it’s not quite the indulgent brunch experience I’m looking for.

The lovely early opening people at Wagyu have been our mainstay and they do possibly the best breakfast pizza in the world which splits nicely between the three of us, and makes the perfect indulgent breakfast with a seasonal fruit bowl and their excellent lattes (Why, oh why don’t they have highchairs though?).

And recently this duo has been joined by Posto Publico which has a friendly welcoming atmosphere, a highchair and their mostly egg based menu offers an enjoyable lighter alternative to the heartier offerings at Wagyu.

What are your go to places for those early morning starts?

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