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This week just gone I’ve been getting in a trance for two reasons…BIKINIS and HYPNOTHERAPY. Not at the same time of course. So, first off, I’ve found a gem of a swimwear shop in Wanchai called Swim & Fitness and I was quite simply mesmerised by the selection of reasonably priced swimwear and fitness gear.

Secondly, the hypno, so I’ve had my second session and I am loving the trance like state that you experience when being hypnotised…it’s like the bit when you’re falling asleep but not quite asleep and you’re still aware that someone is talking to you…more below.

Bikinis galore

Yes, this is me above sunning myself….ha ha if only.

OK so it may be raining cats and dogs at the moment but in between showers and post rainy season you know you’re going to be in and out of the swimming pool with the kids. Ever since I landed in HK four years ago, it has always been a challenge to find affordable swimwear in the 852, but I am pleased to report that Flora Fong and Jacqueline Yau the lovely ladies behind Swim & Fitness are making our lives A LOT easier, Goddesses, with a one stop shop for all things swimwear including men’s and kids, so it’s well worth the trip to Wanchai and you can kit the whole family out while you’re there!

They also have a fabulous website where you can buy online from the comfort of your own home if the thought of the trip to Wanchai is too much for you…how easy is that?!

Gourami “Glam on” swimsuit $799 also available as a bikini… don’t you just love this print?! Glam on Goddesses!

Some of us, maybe a lot of us, dread bikini season, but here are a few little pointers if you’re feeling body conscious:

Big tum – still fighting the war against the post natal wobble? Believe me, I know all about this, my post natal fat was like reinforced concrete! But I found that ruching, higher cut pants on the leg to elongate plus higher waistbands help to slim down a belly, built in support, laser cut pants that sit smooth against the tum not cutting in to the bulge or pants with side ties that you can adjust so that they also don’t cut into your flesh and patterns such as chevron stripes were great shortcut tools for disguising the dreaded wobble on your lower half.

Gourami Bikinis; Left: Blue bikini, $599, with an interesting top detail to draw the eye up plus higher cut pants with a good supportive waistband

Middle: Snakeskin print. $659, again good pants, plus a good halter with a band under the bust to give you added support if you need it and the halter can be tied to push you up if you need it as well!

Right: “Antik” gold coloured bikini, $659, again with an interesting top to draw the eye up, plus underwired if you need extra support. These would also work for Big boobs – of course you know this already, but support is what you need, look for banded bikini tops with a band below the bust (like the one in the middle), and of course underwired (the one on the right), or halter neck styles to hoist ‘em up while keeping them firmly in place (the middle one again)!

Or try plain bottoms with a patterned, brightly coloured or V neck top to draw attention away from the tum and up towards your top half. These would also work if you’re pear shaped – lighter colour or bold print on top and a darker colour on the bottom.

Kissin bikinis: Left and middle, “Kiki” halter neck bikini $299 and right, “Elektrika” $399 dark pants with side ties great as they won’t cut into you as you can adjust them.

And of course, the tankini is the mama’s best friend. A tankini not only covers up the wobble but also lengthens your torso. It can also disguise the early days of pregnancy if you’re keeping it Mum (no pun intended).

Tankinis are us! All tankinis from Swim & Fitiness, left to right: $349, $379, $349 and $759 from the Gourami range.

It’s all about Control!! Far left and left: Gourami “Control Suits”, both $659, have built in support to help suck you in. Also, the ruching on the second from right will help disguise a bigger tum (and a great cut with the higher legs to elongate), and the V neck plus detailing on the straps to draw the eye up away from the area you’re worried about. The same applies to the suit on the far right, with great stud detailing to draw the eye up and high legs to elongate ($799).

No boobs – if you’re like me and now own a pair of fried eggs post baby then my best friend is padding and more padding or frills or anything fussy to give you more up there

Left to right: Kissin “Cabana” bikini $329, with push up underwired and padded top to give you extra oomph plus side tie pants that you can adjust so that they don’t cut in; “Asiana” gorgeous floral print bikini ($359) again underwired and padded top; sweet heart bandeau bikini in Hawaiian print ($399) with great ruching on top half plus padding and busy pattern to give you the look of more not less; the “Tiffany” push up bikini also comes with a wrap around mini skirt to cover up any unsightly wobble on the lower half ($449).

If you’re straight up and down – then frills, details, bows anything to add the illusion of more or choose a one piece and create a waist with belts or tie details

Left to right: Kissin 3 piece underwire bikini set $399 (different coloured or print trim on pants will create the illusion of a belt to give you a waist, also the shorts are great for those days where your bikini line admin as been a little remiss); Gourami “Glamon” Tri bikini $699, the black contrast ties on the side will also help to create a silhouette; Monaco bikini $699, the bow detail will draw the eye up and give a little fuss and bulk to a flat chest.

My Bikini

Still can’t find one that ticks all the boxes? Then create your own! At Swim & Fitness you can even turn your hand to designing your own bikini if your fashion taste buds aren’t tantalised with what’s in-store, but I’m sure there will be plenty to tempt you, oh and the best bit are the prices… bang on the money Goddesses!! That’s what we like to hear… ALWAYS! This service is set to launch this month and is available in-store only. You can choose your own print, style, embellishment..even initial your bottoms if you like.

The “my Bikini” price plans are as follows:

– Basic Triangle Set (no accessories) – $349
– Deluxe Triangle Set (unlimited accessories) – $449
– Basic Underwire Set (no accessories) – $399
– Deluxe Underwire Set (unlimited accessories) – $499

G/F Shop 1, 1/F, Chung Wui Mansion 176A Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2838 6303,

Mama and baba
I’m not really into the whole matchy match mama with matching baba, but these aren’t too matchy match and pretty cute!

Mama swimsuit $329 and matching mini me $199

Mama tankini set $329 and co-ordinating briefs for your little man $149 with built in nappy…ah cute!

Gym gear
While you’re at Swim & Fitness, if you’re after some new gym gear, check out the Kissin’ Athletik range, again the prices are pretty reasonable, I think you’ll find.

Double cross tank ($329) and mini flare capris ($389), Blue Y back tank ($219) and skinny capris ($289).


So, back to the Hypno… I didn’t realise how many conditions hypnotherapy can help treat and what’s more it’s a powerful but safe technique which can help change negative beliefs, resolve emotional problems and provide relief in a number of medical conditions.

It’s distinctive to other forms of psychotherapy as it uses the naturally occurring hypnotic or trance state to access the unconscious mind in order to help solve problems and enhance potential. Hypnotherapy combines hypnotic procedures with counselling and other recognised therapeutic techniques to effectively treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions in adults and children including anxiety, stress, phobias, insomnia, pregnancy and childbirth, skin conditions, IBS, post traumatic stress disorder, weight issues, depression and addiction. I’m liking the idea of someone talking to my subconscious to kick negative beliefs.

For more information, contact Claire Christopher on 9091 7971 or


This week favourite make-up artist Jaime Smith of Smudge Make-Up Artistry can’t stress enough how important well groomed brows are! They even out and frame the face, as well as open our eyes and lift our faces to create the illusion of youth.

When doing a clients make-up, I always address their brows with make-up, as I would any other facial feature, but I usually steer very clear of blanket tips regarding brows. Not only because they are so individual to a client’s face, and trends of size and fullness change often… but it’s also a lengthy discussion best suited for one-on-one consultations.

Though in the fear you may think my omitting a tip regarding brows means I don’t think they are uber important… here are a few products and recommendations:

– Because our brows become sparser as we age, filling in brows (with a light hand) makes you look instantly younger. So don’t skip this step! Try feathery strokes with a brow pencil from MAC. I love their blonde color, even for those with light and medium brown brows….it helps to keep from getting a harsh look.

– If you find shadows easier to apply, many brands have a great brow kit these days. They often come with two colors for blending, an angled application brush and tweezers. Try Bobbi Brown Brow kit.

– If a gel consistency is what you are after, I like Laura Mercier Brow Definer. Its gel-cream texture adds thickness and lasts long in Hong Kong humidity.

– Wanna keep brows in place, a secret make-up artist tip: spray some hair spray on a brow wand or toothbrush and brush immediately over brow to shape. It doesn’t leave any waxy residue like a lot of brow fixants can leave and lasts longer!

– If filling in your brows every morning seems a daunting task and one step you wish you could skip. My biggest recommendation is to see a professional! There are wonders a brow boot camp can do these days! From shaping wild ones to re-shaping over plucked versions. Try skipping brow make-up all together and getting them dyed and reshaped professionally. It’s a sure way to ensure they don’t melt off when swimming or sweating this summer. Did you know they can now do brow extensions? Hmmmm, I’ll have to check that out next….

Midweek meal inspiration

Balls….yep, you heard me, this week’s midweek meal inspiration is Donna Hay’s Greek Inspired Lamb Meatballs recommended by not one but two Goddesses that I know, now you can’t beat that!

65 g couscous
160 ml chicken stock
300 g minced lamb
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp lemon rind, finely grated
1 tsp rosemary leaves, chopped
80 g feta cheese, coarsely chopped

1. Place the couscous in a bowl and pour over the hot stock. Cover with plastic wrap and stand until the stock has been absorbed.

2. Combine the couscous, mince, honey, rind and rosemary, plus salt and pepper, then mix well. Stir in the feta. Take small handfuls and shape the mixture into flat patties.

3. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the patties and cook for 4–5 minutes each side or until cooked through. To serve, place flatbread on serving plates and spread with hummus. Top with spinach, mint, halved cherry tomatoes and the meatballs.

Serves 2, prep time 10 minutes, cooking time 10 minutes

Yogi tea saying of the week: “To live is the rarest thing. Most people exist that is all”.
Instant Goddess saying of the week: “3,2,1 and she’s back in the room”.
Until next week Goddesses and remember you are always, always worth it XX

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