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Instant Goddess: J. Crew arrives in Hong Kong!

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So, it’s Hello Hong Kong from US favourite J. Crew, but did it get the Instant Goddess seal of approval? There has been much chatter amongst friends and in the press and the general consensus seems very nice but what’s going on with the sizing?!

Accidental Tai Tai pretty much sums it up in her fab blog and the Instant Goddess has to agree: a store that stocks hardly any sizes above a US 6/UK 10 and has gone even further in its super slim size madness creating a new US 000/UK 0 especially for HK is cutting out the part of the market that actually eats! And the Instant Goddess does LOVE to eat.

BUT the Instant Goddess is always up for a shopping challenge providing she doesn’t have to breathe in too much especially at the moment as the hysterectomy swelly belly doesn’t give much. So not to be put off, she decided to road test J. Crew for herself. Alas, it is true the sizing is heavily biased towards the skinny minnie but even more disappointing was that most of the merchandise that got the Instant Goddess shopping radar twinkling away (heavily biased towards jewel embellishment, embroidery and pops of colour) was too expensive! Admittedly, much of what caught the Instant Goddess eye is part of their more high-end range which is, in their words, RARE. SPECIAL. ENTIRELY WORTH IT”, but even so, the Instant Goddess purse strings didn’t want to give.

But let’s give praise where it’s due: there’s a very good selection of shorts priced around the $800 mark, and the Ed here adored their selection of summer tops. Plus, Instant Goddess even came across a few US size 8s/UK 12 (rejoice!).

Here’s what caught the Instant Goddess eye:

JCrew Collage 1

Top left: Collection shantung wild fire dress $3550; Bottom right: Collection beaded linen top: $5050 (this came in at no.1 for the Instant Goddess but with such a hefty price tag…she’s considering buying a plain white linen top and making a trip down Pottinger to see the ladies that stock motifs and alike!).

JCrewCollage 2

Left: Collection strapless jumpsuit $3050; Top right and bottom right: Collection wool crepe short $1550 (are these shorts the answer to the Instant Goddess dilemma of covering up that cellulite but still being able to wear shorts?!)

photo (1)

Midweek Meal Inspiration

This week it’s Devilled Pork Chops courtesy of Good Housekeeping in the UK from all the way back in 2010, but just as good in 2014. For our pork chops we chose Pacific Gourmet on Caine Road… yes, you often leave without an arm and a leg as it’s pretty pricey but we have to say it’s supremely tasty and exceedingly good! You can also shop online with Pacific Gourmet and get free delivery.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “A certain kind of darkness is needed to see the stars”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Instant Goddess is currently living with the lights off… where are the stars?”

Until next time Goddesses and remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it.


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