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Instant Goddess stands to attention at H&M, gets happy holiday hair and enjoys a guilt-free burger!

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H&M Autumn Collection 2013

Your summer wardrobe is probably in full swing by now, despite the best attempts of the ever-persistent rain of late. But do you fancy a sneak peak into what Autumn 2013 has in store for us, according to high street favourite H&M?

The other week I was invited to a preview of H&M’s very special Autumn 2013 Collection. Now I say very special as they’re making quite a big thing about it – this collection even has its very own black and gold label sewn in the clothes to set it apart from the rest of the H&M merchandise. Swanky!

The description given was “Glam Toyboy” – with a dash of bohemia and plenty of military pomp and ceremony, this sums up the collection perfectly. Bohemia comes in the form of floaty sequin chiffon dresses together with heavily embroidered waistcoats, while military finishing is a constant, with brocade detailing and side piping on pants, fringed and brocade flashes on shoulders, brass buttons, plus military-style jackets, coats and even a cape thrown in for good measure. The colours are utilitarian with khakis, greys and trusty black but with a good pop of red as the showstopper.

Here’s what has been filed for a later date, that date being 5 September 2013 when the collection hits stores in Hong Kong.

Key Accessories

Photo 1

Clockwise from top left: In at number one, and definitely on my hit list for autumn is this fabulous embellished shoulder piece at $799; Floral statement necklace $349 (I’m pleased to see that we’ll all still be feeling the love for statement necklaces next season, due to my ever burgeoning collection!); Above-the-knee, high-heeled military boots mean business but the idea is to contrast with a bit of bohemia… see the soft, floaty sequin dress or the embroidered waistcoat below; and last but not least, note the size of bag – there are a couple of these in the collection with long shoulder straps worn across the body for that military feel.

Oh, and I should also give a shout out to this fab tasselled belt:

Photo 2

Key Clothing

Photo 3 H&M GarmentsTop: The floaty sequin dress above, seen here on the catwalk in Paris has to be my favourite look, teamed with those all-important boots (photo courtesy of H&M). Bottom, left to right: The tailored jacket with its brass buttons, brocade detailing on the collar and sleeves really accents the military theme running through the collection; next up, that all-important pop of red to stand out in the crowd, teamed with black velvet tasselled scarf; and definitely bohemia rather than military, the big faux fur coat to snuggle up in (again note the size of bag to get this look bang on).

Photo 4 Garments 2

From left to right: I have my beady eye on this heavily-embroidered waistcoat – the finishing and quality is way above what you would expect from a high street piece, and as such, the price is more than you would usually pay… but see and feel it and you’ll see why. Priced at $1790, this is the most expensive piece of the collection, and of course I want it! Leather strikes again – I’m loving the panel detailing on these pants, and I’m always partial to a shaggy gilet! Either of the waistcoats shown will work with the leather pants, and teamed with the black military boots shown above you’ll have a great look from head to toe.

Photo 5 Garments 3

From left to right: Again you can see the military theme coming through with the shoulder detail on the cape shown in the first picture, followed by more embroidery on velvet, in keeping with the bohemian theme in picture 2; finally, if it gets cold enough this year in the ‘Kong this winter coat would look great teamed with the floaty sequin dress above

Military chic… The Instant Goddess salutes you!

Photos courtesy of Sabrina Sikora Photography.


Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 12.49.33 PM

She’s back! Andrea Clark, Creative Director of The Mandarin Salon at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong shares her top tips for keeping your hair in prime condition as our attention turns to jetting off for our summer hols. Here’s Andrea’s “Summer ease” hair care guide:

The sun has struggled to come out in Hong Kong, but all conversation has turned to summertime destinations, prompting me to share my top five tips to ensure your hair is not devastated by hitting the sun, sea and aeroplane! Investment and maintenance – not damage control – are key to ensure gorgeous locks at the end of your travels.

1.  Don’t leave your colour or highlights until you return from a trip simply because you feel the colour will be affected by the sun. It will only suffer if you don’t pack essential hair care products, so you can look your best when you get off the plane at the other end!

2. Have your hair shaped. If you are going to wear a ponytail then cut off those split ends before you go. Ponytails can look amazing if sleek and healthy, but not if the ends look like they have been chewed!

3. Pack a range of good quality travel-size products. Try not to rely on hotel shampoo and conditioners in case they are full of harsh detergents. A good product range will have 50ml to 75ml shampoos and conditioners, plus treatments and protection sprays, like Philip Kingsley’s Jet Set packs or Organic Colour Systems’ homecare range, which will protect your pre-vacation colour investment.

4. Take along your swim cap. I don’t mean an actual swim cap (unless someone has finally designed one that is cool and sexy)! A product called Swim Cap, also by Phillip Kingsley, is perfect when hitting the pool. You work it through your hair prior to swimming and top up throughout the day for hair that feels like silk when you emerge from the water.

5. I have noticed some ladies subjecting their manes to a vigorous towel drying followed by a vicious brushing, post-pool. Stop this at once! Your hair is at its most delicate when wet. You are going to do irreversible damage and snap the hair or raise the cuticle.

Follow those simple rules for luscious locks long after the tan has faded!

Midweek meal inspiration

Instant Goddesses LOVE a good burger, especially when it’s LOW FAT. Yep, now I’m post-detox (hallelujah!) I’m still trying to stay on the good side of the calorie road, so I jumped for joy when I came across these little babies. Recipe courtesy of British stalwart Good Housekeeping, I give you low-fat lentil and beef burgers.

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Saying of the week: “Life is like a cup of tea it’s all in how you make it”

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “More pomp, more ceremony and more tea please!”

Don’t forget Goddesses, you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it!

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