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Instant Goddess gets a spring in her step at Zara, Massimo Dutti and Topshop, checks out Showroom on Wellington Street, and dazzles with Virgos Lounge

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High Street Hits

Instant Goddess has been pounding the streets of Hong Kong this week to see what’s out there to tantalise our fashion taste buds. Enough of the sale scrag-ends! It’s time for a few little fashion pick-me-ups to obliterate any lingering January blues.

In at No.1…
… Instant Goddess is loving the new collection offerings from Zara!

Collage 1Left: Off-white sweater with sheer shoulders $499; Top right: Pastel faux leather zip jacket $899; Bottom right: Fringe and chain necklace $499 – all Zara. 

Top of the tops

Collage 2Left: Once again, Zara will take some beating with this technical fabric top with jewel embellishment in soft pink for a mere $399 (also available in black); Middle: Cotton and silk mosaic print shirt $650 Massimo Dutti; Right: Last but not least, duck egg crystal jumper $599 Topshop.

Shoulders and print

Collage 3Left: Scarf print silk dress $1190 Massimo Dutti (whose selection of silk prints never disappoint!); Top right: Stripe long-sleeve tee with lace insert shoulders – an everyday must at a mere $299 from Zara; Bottom right: Embellished shoulder jumper $599 Topshop.

And finally if you have $3000 plus going spare, then why not put a bit of spring and edge in your wardrobe with this leather lovely?:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.23.16 PMLeather dress $3990, Massimo Dutti.

Grand Opening of Showroom

ShowroomCollageWhilst pounding those Hong Kong streets this week, Instant Goddess came across a newcomer to the affordable fashion scene. Showroom is a new boutique specialising in Korean designers and the prices are good (from $300 up to extra-special pieces at $3000). For the most part, designs are priced around $700 – $1000 mark, so next time you’re on the Mid-Levels escalator, look out for Showroom on Wellington Street (keep your eyes peeled for all the clothes as you glide by!).

Showroom, 2F, 83 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong;

Virgos Lounge
If you’re an Instant Goddess regular you’ll recall that she’s a big fan of Virgos Lounge – an online retailer of frocks and separates – usually with show-stopping beading and lots of razzle…not forgetting the dazzle! Most importantly, the prices are wonderfully reasonable for such covetable frocks. And hot off the press – VL are launching three stunning new dresses this week! The Olivia in Green (shown below) gets the Instant Goddess vote, so now she just needs a ball to go to!

3. OliviaGreenDress

Midweek Meal Inspiration 

Salmon, Spinach, Cream Cheese Tarts
Oh what shall we eat?
How about a Salmon, Spinach & Cream Cheese Tart? Courtesy of the UK’s Channel 4 and Delicious Magazine, here’s a new spin on the winning combo of smoked salmon and cream cheese. These little tarts are not only easy-peasy to rustle up, but look good and are super tasty – how very Instant Goddess!


Yogi tea saying of the week: “Greatness is measured by your gifts not your possessions”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Instant Goddess is trying to remember this as she has no room left in her wardrobe…

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it.



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