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How To Navigate Life Beyond High School With The Harbour School

High School student and teacher prepping for college
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Prepping for your child’s future has just become a lot easier.

As the digital age progresses, life during and after High School is a different landscape to when we were there (hands up who’s pleased social media didn’t exist back then?). As our teens grow up in an ever-changing world, it isn’t just about what they learn during class-time that counts. They also receive valuable everyday life experience throughout their education.

The Harbour School (THS) understands that a rigorous and relevant educational experience is about more than just textbooks and lectures; it’s a springboard for everything else that follows. Its collaborative culture will set your child up for challenges that’ll surely arise, throughout high school, college and beyond.

From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, the nurturing, progressive approach at THS gives students the opportunity to express their creativity. Alongside the American curriculum, THS encourages a collaborative culture, inviting students to be inquisitive and question the world around them. Youngsters are prepped for success in the 21st-century world, with a forward-thinking approach to careers, as they embark on a four-year High School program which balances independent decision-making within a highly individualized advisory model.

It’s never too early for THS students to acquire the skills necessary for responsible decision making and to take ownership of their own learning. Beginning in their Primary program, students experience a variety of real world, context-integrated and project-based curricular exercises, with an emphasis on innovation, independence, flexibility and creative thinking. THS looks beyond exams to real-life situations, focusing on developing the skills, ethos and mindset necessary for them to achieve success in college and in the professional world. So students (and parents) can rest assured that they’ll leave High School truly prepared for whatever lies ahead!

The Harbour School open day
Navigate High School with The Harbour School

High School can be a confusing time, that’s one thing that hasn’t altered much since we were there. With that in mind, Middle and High School students and parents are welcome to join the High School Information Series, where you’ll hear from THS faculty, universities and industry leaders on how to support your children throughout the High School and college application process.

Join their open house for a free talk on College Transition: How High School Should Prepare Your Child for College Life. You can also schedule a tour of the campus, meet the faculty and learn how THS could be right for your child. Learn more about the skills needed for helping your child not only access but persist in rigorous college and career settings through:

  •      Understanding and managing emotions
  •      Setting and achieving positive goals
  •      Feeling and showing empathy for others
  •      Establishing and maintaining positive relationships
  •      Making responsible decisions

When: Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 6pm-8pm
Where: The Harbour School, Garden Campus, 138 Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
How much: Free! Simply register online

The Harbour School, Garden Campus, 138 Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, 3905 0180, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with The Harbour School; all images courtesy of The Harbour School.

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