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Celebrating Excellence Through Scholarships at Malvern College Hong Kong

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Scholarship applications extended to 29 December 2017

When choosing a school for your child, there are many factors to consider. From location, to facilities to co-curricular activities to school fees. And don’t even get us started on tuition! We feel you mama, there are a lot of areas to think about, but curriculum and opportunities for students are two areas that are at the top of our priority list.

And celebrating excellence is at the very heart of a Malvern education. What we love most is that the emphasis is not just placed on academic achievement or success but also in the sports field, on the performing stage or in the art studio. The commitment of Malvern College is to educate the whole person. We couldn’t agree more!

As this philosophy of holistic education runs through the veins of Malvern College Hong Kong, the school is taking it one step further and offering various scholarships including academic, music, sports and arts and from 2019, drama will also be offered. As parents, we’re all about drawing out the very best in our children and it’s relieving to hear that Malvern College is also committed to identifying and developing a student’s potential through cutting-edge methodologies and learning tools.

The Academic Scholarship is based on overall academic excellence and co-curricular involvement and is available to all applicants entering Year 7 and up with a maximum level of award up to 100% tuition fee remission.

The Sports Scholarship is reflected on Malvern College’s strong and proud history of deep-rooted tradition in team sports like football, cricket and Fives. The applicant is someone who promotes the development of the sport within the school, making significant contributions on the teams and activities at school as well. The scholarships are available to all applicants to Malvern entering Year 4 and onwards. The maximum level of award will be 100% tuition fee remission.

The goal of the Diversity Scholarship is to build an international diverse student population and a vibrant and diverse learning community. It is Malvern’s mission to cultivate in each student an openness to cultural diversity and a keenness to learn from different worldviews. We love this as Hong Kong is a great place for our children to be exposed to alternative ideologies and cultures! This scholarship is available to all applicants entering Year 7 and onwards. The maximum level of award will be 50% tuition fee remission.

And finally, bursaries are also available to families in need of additional financial support including non-local (International/Expatriate) families who are not receiving any educational allowance from their employers.

Due to an overwhelming response, the deadline for all the scholarship applications has now been extended to Friday, 29 December. For more information, check out Malvern College Hong Kong here.



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