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Lush Spa Soho Square: An Oasis in the City

Lush Spa Tea and biscuits after a Hard Days Night Treatment
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A Hard Day’s Night treatment is the perfect remedy for mamas who are always on the go…

Growing up, I have fond memories of my family and I belting out to the tunes of my dad’s beloved Beatles during every car ride. When I found out that Lush Spa had a treatment especially dedicated to my favourite Liverpool boys, I knew I had to check it out.

English garden terrace at Lush

But before we begin… I have a confession to make, I’ve never actually been to the UK (gasp!), but when I stepped into the welcome area of the Lush Spa, I was immediately transported to what I could only imagine to be the English countryside (from the furnishings to the chirping birds!). As I sat in the pantry room overlooking a large terrace covered with plants and flowers, I immediately relaxed. After learning more about what my treatment would entail (we’re talking a lot of stretching and a bit of meditation), I was lead to another floor to my room.
a hard's day night lush spa treatment
The Hard Day’s Night treatment ($1,550) involved a lot of passive stretching where the therapist would maneuver my limbs into all sorts of positions to help ease any aches or sore muscles. Thankfully for me, I had recently had my behind kicked in a body pump class at the gym and I couldn’t think of a better remedy to relieve my sore muscles than this!
lush spa treatment room
The room carried the theme of a homey English countryside cottage, but my eyes were immediately lifted to the ceiling as the words “Let it be” was projected right above the massage bed. I slipped into a warm pair of flannel pyjamas provided by Lush and the treatment began. Forget the zen music – this was after all a Beatles inspired massage! An amazing reworked soundtrack of the Beatles’ classics songs were performed by the talented in-house band, “Fresh Handmade Collectives Band”.
Songs like, A Hard Day’s Night, Strawberry Fields Forever, Here Comes the Sun, Ticket to Ride and I Want To Hold Your Hand, accompanied each pressure point and every stretch moved to the rhythm of each song. I was lulled into a deep sleep and at the end of the 75 minute treatment, I was softly awoken to the therapist telling me to meditate on the words, “Let it be” bringing the treatment back full circle.
lush spa tea and cookies
The music faded and slowly the sounds of the English countryside began to play again to indicate the treatment was over. After changing, I was welcomed with a cup of warm tea and biscuits. I never would’ve imagined something so wonderful like this tucked away on the busy Lyndhurst Terrace. But I will make it a point to return to this oasis and allow myself to slip away to the countryside once more…
G/F-4/F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 3915 0638 

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