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Mama-About-Town: Ocean Park, Secret Ingredient, Mellow Mummy + Lab Concept!

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Dear Mamas,

Did you all survive that little slew of public holidays? We did, though our ingenuity was sorely tested and we almost ended up at Ocean Park twice in one week… A fate worse than death? My daughter thankfully is pretty thrilled with a whizz through the Aquarium, a peek at the pandas and catching one of the shows (this time around it was sea lions) which are only 15 minutes long, so perfect for short attention spans!

My other top tip for public holidays and Sundays when there’s no helper on hand? Order yourself dinner from Secret Ingredient! These tasty cook-it-yourself meals are delivered directly to your door (you can add a bottle of wine to your order too) and come with super-easy to follow instructions to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. Best of all, the ingredients are all premium imported or locally sourced, as well as being in general pretty healthy. You’ll get the glow of satisfaction of having served up the fam something good for them, without having needed to waste a second of your precious time waiting in line at the supermarket or scouring a recipe book. Recipes change weekly, though thankfully they do bring old faves back — helloooo, black bean quesadillas… If even dedicated non-cook Maura was converted over on Sassy, you know they must be good! Be warned though, they only deliver to certain locations in Hong Kong, so Southside and Kowloon mamas are unfortunately out of luck for now.

In “other news”, I got to try out a fabulous Mellow Mummy treatment at The Mandarin Oriental which I highly recommend for all pregnant girls out there (what bliss to lie on your stomach!)… We’ll be dropping hefty hints to our other halves about gift vouchers for Mother’s Day!

I also popped by the brand-new Lab Concept in Queensway Plaza to check it out, and was pleased to discover it’s basically just the whole of Lane Crawford Pacific Place, just moved right across the road into that nowhere building that used to be across the overhead walkway from Pacific Place. It’s super-funky (though with no natural light it starts to feel a little claustrophobic) with tonnes of cosmetics brands, hip labels and a dedicated shoe area called shoespace which has some brands I’ve never seen before in HK. In terms of childrenswear, there’s not a whole lot on offer, apart from a VERY wee selection of American Apparel goodies which would make cute gifts. Get the full scoop over on Sassy here.

That’s all for this week mamas, stay cool in this sticky heat!


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