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Mellow Mummy at The Mandarin Oriental Spa

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When the lovely team from The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong sent over the offer to the Sassy Mama team to review some of their special spa offerings for Mother’s Day, our editor Rach forwarded the email to me saying, “This sounds like you!”… I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic as a Mellow Mummy I am certainly not! In fact, Frazzled Mummy, Cross Mummy or Tired Mummy probably more accurately represents my mental state over the past couple of weeks as life has suddenly picked up pace to teeth-grinding extent. In need of a bit of pampering, I was only too thrilled to put my hand up to be the guinea pig, though somewhat predictably I arrived late to my appointment straight from a meeting, and buzzing with caffeine — probably not the ideal way to start a spa treatment!

Now I must confess, the Mandarin Oriental is my favourite hotel… ever. I romanticize it in my mind and love almost everything about it, from Cafe Causette which is practically our family canteen over the weekends (being in my opinion the most family-friendly resto in Central), to M Bar where my husband and I went for our glass of champagne straight after getting married in a lawyer’s office, to afternoon tea at The Clipper Lounge. I had never actually tried their spa until now though, even though they have a special pregnancy cushion for their massage table which is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever been on. What bliss to be able to lie on my front again.


The Mandarin Spa is absolute perfection – from the changing rooms (stocked with Aromatherapy Associates goodies) to the treatment itself, it’s all fluffy robes, seamless service and top-class facilities. This is how a five-star hotel spa SHOULD be. I couldn’t find a single fault with it, other than the fact that the girl who took me into the changing room rattled off her greeting and explanation of the treatment in a slightly robotic fashion, but I was late, and this is SUCH a small gripe I’m embarrassed to even mention it, but we generally insist on finding something wrong with everything we try so that you know we always tell the truth!

My therapist, Angel, lived up to her name, making sure I was comfortable throughout and was extremely skilled (and not afraid to give a firm massage when requested). Even though for the first ten minutes of the massage my mind was still quite active, it was a testament to her nimble fingers that before long I was drifting off into a floaty dreamland. The Mellow Mummy massage is 60 minutes long, and it was all over far too quickly for my liking, finished off with an amazing facial massage that even got my jaw unclenched! I slowly returned to the real world with a cup of Lavender tea in the spa reception and made a resolution that the next time I’m feeling like Cross Mummy, I’ll book an appointment at The Mandarin Spa to bring me back to a state of jelly-like zen!

The Mellow Mummy massage for mums-to-be costs HK990 and including a special box of truffles! It is available from the 13th April to the end of May. 

The Mandarin Spa, The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road, Central, 2522 0111

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