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Edgar: A No-Waste Grocery Store With Organic & Healthy Produce

edgar bulk food store
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Moving in the right direction

Rejoice, Hong Kongers! As our landfills (sadly) pile up, we here at Sassy Mama HQ are always concerned about how to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. And now that a grocery store has hit our shores that is eco-friendly (and aimed at attaining zero waste), we can’t help but get excited. Meet Edgar.

Located in TST, this shop allows patrons to bring in their own bags, containers and more so they can purchase in bulk and avoid using plastic bags or other items that will harm the environment. Edgar’s employees will weigh your empty container and mark the weight on it, and it will be deducted from the total weight when you check out. Featuring everything from produce to pasta to tea, dried fruits, nuts (and more!), the items on hand are sure to get everyone excited! Open seven days a week (from 10:30m to 9:30pm), shoppers can fill up on organic and healthy produce for the week. You can even check out its online store to learn more.

Edgar, K11 Natural – 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong or online at

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