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How Minisport’s New App Can Revolutionise Your Child’s Sports Journey

Minisport new App Launch
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Minisport’s new app is set to transform the way you engage with your child’s sports education. Find out how you can enjoy free credit and discounts…

Are you struggling to keep track of your child’s sports classes? Or maybe you find it challenging to reschedule missed sessions. Hong Kong’s leading early-years sports coaching specialist, Minisport, has created an app to ease your troubles and help you take your child’s sports education to the next level. Say goodbye to juggling schedules as you track your child’s progress and ensure they receive the best sports training. Read on to discover what the app has to offer…

Track And Monitor Your Child’s Progress

From booking classes, camps, and events to tracking progress across six sports, the Minisport HK App provides a seamless user experience. It also allows parents to easily find their favourite coaches and venues through convenient filters, ensuring the best fit for their child’s needs.

One of the standout features of the Minisport HK App is its personalized progress tracking. Parents can monitor their child’s development in various sports, witness their growth and celebrate milestones along the way.

Communication Made Easy

The Minisport HK App allows multiple guardians to be included in one account, which means everyone involved in your child’s sports journey stays informed and connected. You can set your child’s mood and interests before each class, enabling coaches to tailor the sessions accordingly. Plus, if your child is unwell, you can easily upload the documents for sick leave on the app.


Manage And Reschedule Sessions With Ease

Wondering what happens when your child misses a session? The app has a credit management feature that gives parents the flexibility to easily manage and reschedule missed sessions, ensuring that their child never misses out on the benefits of the classes.

Download the Minisport HK App now and use its innovative features to ensure your child gets an exceptional sports experience. You’ll get $380 credit when you download the app, plus 10% off on Easter camp bookings (valid until Tuesday, 12 March 2024).

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This article is in paid partnership with Minisport. All images are courtesy of Minisport.

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