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Top 5 Ways To Beat The Heat For Kids

parties play 5 ways beat heat summer kids
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Stay cool this summer!

If you’re staying in Hong Kong through July and August, you’re probably looking for a way to escape the sweltering heat! You’re not going to be able to keep the kids at home throughout the break but at the same time, we bet you’re not looking forward to carrying three changes of clothes for them (to counteract the sweat) when you go out. You can still have a blast in the city, especially when it’s less crowded with so many people away on holiday – so we’ve come up with the top five ways you can help your children beat the summer heat!

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parties play 5 ways beat heat summer kids haircut

1. Go for the chop!

All busy mamas could do with the extra 15 minutes you save by not braiding your little girl’s hair when it’s cut to a manageable length. And it’s a great relief for the kids in a hot and humid climate like this. We know, we’ve all had that one bad haircut when we were little, but that usually involved a bowl and a pair of kitchen scissors. Don’t worry, you can protect your munchkins from that nightmare by taking them to kid-friendly salons like Magic Mirror, Airplay Blow Dry Bar or Private i Garden Kids Salon. They’ll look like they just walked out of a Burberry advertisement.

2. Stay indoors

This is an obvious one, but you can choose to go the educational, relaxing, or exciting route. What better place is there to learn (besides at school) than a museum? Hong Kong has many kid-friendly museums that can offer a fun, cultural experience for kids at any age. Sassy Mama has done all the research for you here.

If you’re in holiday mode yourself and not in the mood to explain everything that’s on display, you can decide to take them to the theatre instead, for a play, dance or musical concert. It’s also the perfect way to escape the blazing sun or a cloudburst. Here’s where we are heading with the kids this month. If you’re looking for something more, don’t worry! There are a lot more shows lined up throughout the summer, so check the event calendars at these theatres to book your tickets now: Hong Kong Cultural CentreHong Kong City HallHong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsKowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre and Hong Kong Arts Centre.

If you’d much prefer to let your children play through the summer, you still have plenty of indoor options – from the soft padded play areas for toddlers to super whizzy slides for your boisterous kindergartener, trampoline parks for your tweens or rock climbing for your teens.

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parties play 5 ways beat heat summer kids ice cream

3. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

The hot weather is the best excuse for kids (and you!) to get their cold sugar fix. There are a number of dessert stores around the city to help you cool off temporarily. Some of our favourites include Igloo Dessert Bar, Emack & Bolio’s, Holly Brown and Oddies Foodies. If you and your children love all things Japanese, check out the amazing matcha creations at iCremeria, I See I See and ViaTokyo. Yo Mama‘s yoghurt ice creams are packed with probiotics (making it easier for health-conscious mamas to give in to demands for a second scoop!) and there’s no reason for those with food allergies to miss out on icy goodness, with Happy Cow’s gluten, dairy, soy and egg-free delights.

parties play 5 ways beat heat summer kids dive in

4. Dive in

It is a blessing that we live in a city surrounded by water where beaches are only a quick drive away. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to go for a splash. Sign up your children for summer camps focussing on water sports that are offered throughout the summer. They will love to learn kayaking, paddle-boarding and surfing and come home happily exhausted after a day out on the high seas. That’s one less night of fighting them when it comes to bedtime!

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5. Dress the part

Winter clothes may have the edge when it comes to chicness, but your summer wardrobe can score when it comes to comfort, practicality and, of course, bright and beautiful colours. Opt for open-toed sandals from Decathlon, Dr Kong or Stride Rite; and pick up cool cotton and quick-to-dry items from Uniqlo, Seed Heritage and Cotton On. Dress your little ones in adorable sun hats (while they are still young enough to allow you to put one on!), splash on some UV protection and you should be set to brave the Hong Kong summer. Remember to stick to light colours while stepping out!


Editor’s note: This article was originally published on 26, August 2015 and updated by Anita Balagopalan on 10, July 2019. 

Featured image courtesy of Andrew Seaman on Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of Airplay Blow Dry Bar via Facebook, image 2 courtesy of artdesigntaller via Pixabay, image 3 courtesy of Lindsay Moe via Unsplash, image 4 courtesy of Jonathan Reynaga via Pexels, image 5 courtesy of Heather Kemp from Pixabay

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