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PEKiP classes: Support your baby’s early childhood development

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When S was six months old, I decided I needed to get out there and proactively help along his early development stages. I picked up on the fact that he was a fast learner and very eager to do things, but as a first time mum I was unsure how to encourage him to reach the milestones he seemed so enthusiastic to get to. I looked into a few classes and came across PEKiP.

PEKiP focuses on supporting babies and parents in their first year. The instructor uses play and move motivation techniques to get the babies to find themselves – their torso, their arms, their legs. Before babies are on the move, they spend the class nappy-less. This allows them freedom of movement without having a nappy constraining them.

There are some parents who feel PEKiP pushes your child to do things that they may not be ready for, but I would disagree. We did the classes for nine weeks and absolutely loved it. I saw huge differences in S in terms of what he was able to do physically. Having watched many babies of different levels in the class, I came to realise that children will do what they want when they want and as long as you’re not physically forcing them to do something but just showing them their capabilities, they’ll surpass that step when they are ready.

Anne, the instructor, may come across as tough but you can see she loves children and has a keen eye when it comes to their development. I was trying to help S do something once when she said to me, “You’re doing too much for him.” So I let go and he was actually able to do it himself. Sometimes, in trying to “help” our children, we end up holding them back.

What I loved about the class was that it was never overcrowded and each child got one-on-one attention from Anne at some point during the class. The instruction was encouraging and supportive without being pushy. One of the best things about PEKiP is that Anne only takes babies who come with their parents and she actually encourages the dads to come along too. In Hong Kong where kids are sent to most classes with a nanny, this was a refreshing change.

If I had to fault one thing, it’d be the location. Aberdeen can be a bit of a trek for many. However, in this case, it’s one hundred percent worth it when you see the development strides your child will make with just a little push in the right direction!

PEKiP Hong Kong, Unit A, 14/F, Sun Ying Industrial Centre, 9 Tin Wan Close, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, 2573 6623


IMG-20130701-WA0002 copyNatasha has lived in Hong Kong for over 5 years and is the mother of an adorable (albeit naughty!) little boy. Having grown up in Monrovia, London, Lagos, India and Dublin, she loves travelling and exploring new cities. She is also an avid reader, blogger and the founder of Mama Duck Quacks – providing much-needed advice for mamas, from travelling with babies to choosing the perfect pushchair! When she’s not spending time with her son or writing, you’ll find her having a glass of wine and a laugh with her girlfriends!


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