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PEKiP: The Prague Parent-Infant Program in Hong Kong

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If you’re looking for a quality parent-infant program in Hong Kong, look no further than PEKiP, a one-of-a-kind Prague Parent-Infant Program that will delight and surprise you and your baby.

Mamas, if you don’t want to miss out on some of your little one’s major milestones, it’s worth taking part in a quality parent-infant program; not only will this give your child a head start, it makes for a special bonding experience, and is a perfect way to be directly involved your child’s early development.

Developed in Europe decades ago, PEKiP is an infant development program that launched in Hong Kong in 1997. Specifically designed for children from the ages of six months and up until they’re walking, the course focuses on stimulating behaviours that encourage early developmental progression.

There’s no need to worry about your child being placed in a group that’s either behind them, or more advanced developmentally; PEKiP is unique in that children are placed in a group of infants of the same age, all born in the same month! Within their group, your child will be encouraged to participate in activities and games that advance reflexes – proven to facilitate academic success.

You and your baby will have a ball together at PEKiP, with more than 100 activities and games on offer for the three different developmental groups: 6 weeks to 4 months, 4 to 7 months, and the crawler group. Babies work with muscle groups, large and small, practising their coordination and control; think simple mat exercises to begin with, and moving onto obstacle courses once they can crawl… You’ll want to come back each week for more inspiring activities!

Lessons are planned by Psychomotor Skills Therapist and Learning Assistance Teacher, Anne Knecht-Boyer, and are enhanced by the fact that Anne has qualified Rhythmic Movement Training, AND is the author of the book, Baby Fun… Did we mention she is also an instructor at the International Association of Infant Massage? Hence the 15 minute infant massage included in each 75 minute lesson.

PEKiP’s spacious, 1,890 square feet studio is abundant with colourful wood, fabric and plastic equipment. In this tactile environment, Anne makes sure each lesson focuses on sensory processing, with developmental activities to stimulate your child and their senses.

So if this sounds exactly like what you were looking for, or something you’d love to try with your bub, guess what, mamas? PEKiP are offering Sassy Mama readers one free lesson! Simply form a little group of four to six babies and get eight lessons, but pay for seven… Time to pop on over to PEKiP!

Sassy Mama PerkForm a small group of four to six babies and get eight lessons at PEKiP, but pay for only seven (one free lesson)! To redeem, simply mention that you have seen this offer on Sassy Mama. Offer expires Monday, August 15, 2016.

PEKiP, Sun Ying Industrial Centre, Unit A 14th Floor, 9 Tin Wan Close , Tin Wan (Aberdeen), 2573 6623;

Brought to you in partnership with PEKiP

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