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Tushie Cakery: Cakes That Look Good Enough To “Not Eat”! 

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These beautiful diaper cakes are all that your newborn baby’s tushie craves!

Planning a baby shower for a friend? Chances are that you will want to gift her a diaper cake, as is the tradition worldwide for all baby showers. Jessi Chloe and Charmine, friends who grew up in Australia and now find themselves in Hong Kong, offer you a chance to go a step further with their new venture, Tushie Cakery. This cakery specialises in creating themed “designer diaper cakes”, complete with baby shoes, a plush toy, balloons, decorations and an optional wooden letter (for Mama or baby’s name!).

Tushie Cakery knows that nothing but the best is good enough for a newborn’s delicate behind. The diapers are the mama-approved Pampers Ichiban diapers imported from Japan and the cake itself is delivered in a classy-looking box to ensure hygiene and safety during transport. Ordering the diaper cake is easy through the Tushie website. Choose from a range of themes or order a customised one, allowing for a 2-day lead-time.

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Sassy Mama Readers can enter promo code ‘SASSYTUSHIE’ upon check out and receive 15% off their first order. Valid from now till Tuesday, 31 December 2019.

Tushie Cakery, [email protected],


Brought to you in partnership with Tushie Cakery. Featured image courtesy of Tushie Cakery.

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