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The Bump: Justine Garrett

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Meet Justine Garrett, new mama and this month’s The Bump!

This month, the star of our The Bump feature is the lovely Justine Garrett, a multimedia producer who lives with her gorgeous family on Lamma Island. She and her husband Rob, recently welcomed their first child, Harrison John Garrett, to the world on 12 August, 2015. We sit down with Justine and chat about what she thought when she found out she was pregnant, her constant battle with morning sickness, and her hopes for raising her beautiful baby boy to be a respectful little man.

What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?
We had been partying at Clockenflap all weekend, which was so much fun, but I had been feeling a little cranky. My hubby Rob and my friends noticed my funny mood. That Sunday night, I dreamt that I was pregnant. I did a test (well, about 3) the next day and walked around in a huge blur when that second line came up. I asked Rob if I could meet him for lunch, and I bought a little pair of baby shoes and surprised him. He thought I was wanting to apologise for being a grumps over the weekend.


Your funniest memory over those next 9 months?
A few times I have misjudged the size of my bump and tried to squeeze through spaces which I was too round for. We were shooting at a studio in Chai Wan, and the crew were standing in the lift waiting for me and there were these bars to stop trolleys going into the lift. I tried to squish through, but got stuck, and no matter how I tried to manoeuvre, I wasn’t getting through those bars.


Any great books or resources that prepared you for baby’s arrival?
I think experienced friends are the best resource. Also, the “What to Expect” App.

What do you think every woman should know before getting pregnant?
If you live in Hong Kong, try to time it so that you aren’t nine months pregnant in August. It’s not fun!


What was the easiest trimester, and which one proved most difficult?
I had a tough pregnancy as I had morning sickness the whole way through. Living on Lamma Island and having to take a ferry twice a day didn’t help. I would vomit as soon as I woke up, vomit walking to the ferry, on the ferry, in the taxi to Times Square where I work and then in the bin next to my desk. This happened again on the journey home from work. My seventh month improved, but then summer really kicked in and it was pretty tiring being in the third trimester in the heat.


Did you follow a fitness programme while you were pregnant?
With working full-time and dealing with morning sickness, I didn’t have a lot of energy for exercise. Yoga would make me really nauseous. I walked a lot though, and I think that kept me fit.

Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?
I loved my bump so I dressed it up with really nice outfits from Asos.


What are your hopes and dreams for your baby?
I feel that raising a son means I have a huge responsibility to bring him up to respect women. I really want him to be kind, generous and sweet, just like his dad. But I also want to raise him to be a little wild and to love nature.


Name a mama you find inspiring and why?
Everyone says their own mom, but my mom really is so inspiring! My dad suddenly passed away a few years ago, and my mom picked herself up from the tragedy and decided to help other women. She runs classes for women in the townships in South Africa. She teaches them to cook and sew and to be able to sustain themselves financially. A lot of these ladies are single mothers, and my mom has enabled them to support their families using the skills they have learnt. This is just one project she has done. She has also set up reading programmes in schools and orphanages amongst other amazing things. We are so proud of her! And also, I couldn’t have coped during these first few weeks with a newborn without her!

What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?
There are already so many surprises in pregnancy, I wanted to know one thing for sure. Also, it helps you bond with this little human in your tummy.


What kind of birth did you have?
I had a natural birth at Queen Mary with the help of my hubby and amazing doula Cathee from A Mother’s Touch. I fully recommend a doula, they are worth their weight in gold. Cathee was incredible during labour and a great support before and after.

What helped you get your groove back after being pregnant?
It’s early days yet, but getting out and about and seeing friends has really helped me feel human again.


Any local businesses that made your pregnancy journey easier?
Annerley for sure. Those women are amazing. Also my doula Jeanne from A Birth Story who was such a great support through the pregnancy. She was away when I went in to labour so Cathee was on standby. Also I really loved getting reflexology at Goa on D’Aguilar street.

Did you have any weird and wonderful cravings?
Just lots and lots of Perrier!


All photos were taken by Ju Redondo.

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