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10 Creative Ways to Capture Your Pregnancy Journey and Annoucement

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Track your pregnancy adventure in these fun and innovative ways!

While there are scores of ideas on how to record every little milestone of your baby once you give birth, it can be hard to find great ways to capture the nine-month period before that. To avoid missing out on any significant moments during your pregnancy and beyond, we’ve come up with a top 10 list of fun and creative ways to track your pregnancy!

Announcing Your Pregnancy

 Emailing - fun and creative ways to capture pregnancy


If you’re looking for a more innovative idea to getting everyone in on the exciting news, turn to your inbox! Assuming that you and your partner have already settled on a name for the baby, you can send out an email to close family and friends… on behalf of your baby. Taking a leaf from the book of the considerate parents who handed out sweets and earplugs to their fellow passengers on their flight (check this), this idea of sending out a letter on behalf of your unborn baby is sure to turn the announcement into an even cuter one!

Make a Video

To give your friends and family the ultimate surprise, pick up a camera to film their initial reactions when you announce the news. Just tell them that you’re making a home video, preferably during family gatherings (perfect for Christmas dinners), and they won’t suspect a thing! The video can be watched over and over again in the coming years.

DIY Crafts

When you get down to creating your very own keepsake, your effort and labour makes it even more special… so for mamas who are not adverse to the idea of creating something from scratch, here are some little mementos that are quite simple to make!

Scrapbooks and Journals

Scrapbooks are popular for multiple reasons. You can personalise the design and decorations and write or stick whatever you like in it. Plus, you don’t need any fancy tools, just a plain notebook of decent quality, a pack of colour markers, scissors and glue. It is also possible to turn your scrapbook into a journal by documenting your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy.

Instagram It (#Pregnancy)

A lot of people love getting professional photo shoots of their bump but they can be quite expensive – so why not default to our favourite app? However, since many mamas use the app to record their pregnancy these days, you’ll need to step up your Insta game and think outside the box. We think that taking a photo of your bump regularly while following a consistent theme would work well… cool ideas include:

  • Nature lovers can take photos with backgrounds of seasonal weather changes – think beach with sun umbrellas in the summer, carpet of fallen leaves in the autumn, etc.
  • For fashionistas, model one of your pregnancy outfits each month to show off your bump…and your impeccable sense of style.
  • To inspire other expectant mamas, have your partner or a friend take photos of you partaking in various fitness activities during the course of your pregnancy.

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Make a Quilt

Putting aside the skills, effort and time involved, making a quilt from scratch is seen as an outdated tradition on the borderline of “extinction”. However, if you are good with textiles and needles, making a quilt for your little one can be highly rewarding. By stitching together your personalised blanket for the baby, you can pick the best fabrics to minimise risk of allergic reactions and to maximise comfort and warmth. It is likely that your your baby will continue to cuddle with it as he/she grows up and the quilt will provide a precious keepsake for mother and child.

Get Blogging

Everyone and their mama is doing it these days, so why not start that blog you’ve always dreamt about? If you thought your life was too boring before or you didn’t have enough to talk about to create a site, your 9-month crazy and fun adventure is sure to give you plenty of content to fill up your first blog! Get started now on Blogger or WordPress.

Get Everyone Else Involved!

Measuring baby growth - capture pregnancy

Measure Your Baby’s Growth

Every kid does this – whenever you mark your kid’s height against a doorframe, they try to stand on their tiptoes discreetly so that they appear a bit taller than they really are. It’s so cute that you always pretend that you don’t see it. Apply the same idea to chart your bump growth. Pick up a tape measure every month and have hubby put it around your belly to get an idea of how big your baby is getting!

Go Camera-Happy!

When your baby is born, the camera shutter will be working 24/7. You’ve got to have a photo of every single expression or movement of your baby. But you should also take some leisurely photos before he/she is born. If your baby is going to have older siblings, get them involved and have them photographed with your belly. Alternatively, if you have pets, it’s an adorable idea to dress them up and put them next to a sign or object to tell everyone that a baby is arriving. Check out our guide to photographing maternity here for inspiration and tips!

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Record a CD

Babies love their lullabies. Get willing family members and friends together (perhaps with a little push in the back), and ask them to sing a few lullabies together (or on their own if they love singing). Record the songs onto a CD and voila! You have music to help put your baby to sleep.

Join a Group

Check out our Sassy Pregnancy Due Date Clubs and join other expectant mamas during this exciting but stressful 9-month journey. Regular get-togethers with like-minded mamas where you can discuss everything from prenatal fitness to morning sickness will do wonders for your daily mood. You’ll appreciate the friendships you establish and your new friends will be able to inspire you with more fun and creative ways to capture your pregnancy! A win-win!

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