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Print Out & Keep Healthy Lunch Planner + Nutritious Recipes

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Coming up with new (and healthy!) packed lunch ideas can be tough – if only you had the time to sit down for a couple of hours with some cookbooks in front of the computer, and put together a proper plan! Well thankfully, our resident nutritionist, Karin of Nutritious and Delicious, has taken all the hard work out of planning lunches – with our fab Sassy Mama Lunch Planner, which consists of two weeks worth of Snacks, Lunches and Desserts that are full of all the good stuff little growing bodies need. You can print out and pop the lunch planner on your fridge so the whole family knows what needs to be shopped for, cooked and packed. Best of all, we’ve also got all the easy-t0-follow recipes in a downloadable file, and all make more than enough for lunch, so you’ll have extra goodies on hand for dinners and healthy snacking!

Here are the file downloads – if you have any problems, email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to email you them!

Sassy Mama Lunch Planner
Lunch Planner Recipes

All the ingredients in the recipes have been designed to be as accessible as possible, but in the case of the few specialist health ingredients (agave syrup anyone?) you might not be able to pick up at your local Wellcome or Park n Shop, we recommend heading to either 360 Supermarket in Landmark, or any outlets of Just Green (Soho, Wanchai or Lamma).

If you want some more info about how to get your family on-track with healthy eating, or how to get fruit and veggies into picky little eaters, email Karin at [email protected].

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