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Recycle, Re-silly, Repeat!

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With recycling being something that has not really caught on here in HK (don’t even get me started on this), I’m always looking for ways to ‘upcycle’ or reuse something as much as I can before tossing it.  This got a whole lot easier once my daughter came in the picture since we all know that kids need very little to get their imaginations moving – and a paper towel tube can quite easily become the toy du jour.  Indeed, recyclable leftovers provide hours of fun in our house.

Enter Box Play for Kids, a collection of super cute designer stickers that can transform unassuming toilet paper tubes into a soaring rocket ship or pair of binoculars, a macaroni and cheese box into a camera, a cereal box into a sushi bento box, or an egg carton into a piano or a catepillar.

Designed to jump start a little one’s imagination, these colourful and quirky stickers are printed on 100% recycled paper that’s uncoated – so they are not just eco-friendly, but crayon-friendly too, so the little ones can add their own personal touch and creative embellishments.  And beyond being the source of oodles of fun, I love that they offer the savvy dual solution of innovative recycling while doing away with the seemingly constant desire for new toys (which are almost inevitably hideous, plastic and battery-operated). Yup, this is eco-friendly entertainment at it’s finest – just peel, stick and get silly!

You can find Box Play for Kids’ range at Tiny Footprints.

Tiny Footprints
Address: 10/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central
Tel: (852) 2522 2466

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