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Instant Goddess can’t keep up

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They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I can’t believe that we’re already half way through the year! Where has the year gone? I simply can’t keep up at this rate. Summer is well and truly upon us and it’s hot out there! But I’ve already been getting stuff in my inbox about Autumn/Winter trends for 2012/13. I’ve never been much of a forward planner preferring to live in the moment (well, that’s my excuse anyway), but failing to plan is planning to fail as they say. In the shops you can’t move for sale leftovers which are becoming a little tedious, so what does the new season have in store for us? I know it’s a little ridiculous planning a winter wardrobe given that the HK winter is so short, but this is what you’re looking for, maybe for reference and inspiration only or in lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves!

Opulence – think baroque, brocade, and then double it together with opulent fabrics, rich adornment, embellishment, rococo prints and you’ll be on track. Gold brocade on black was particularly strong both at D&G and Jason Wu.

Left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Lanvin

Leather is back – YEP! Leather trousers are back, but anything goes: dresses, skirts, jackets and all the better in a deep, rich colour…think claret, burgundy, aubergine, and general berry shades.

Left to right: Acne, Derek Lam, Missoni, Erdem

Print – From floral to geometric and back to rococo again whatever you choose make it bold.

Left to right: Prada, House of Holland, Peter Pilotto, Jonathan Saunders

Military but not as we know it, this season it’s with more of a twist, with a peplum added here or there, and think unusual detailing, embellishment, quilting and embroidery. Camouflage is also set to make a return apparently!

Left to right: Burberry, MaxMara, Jason Wu, Jason Wu

Oriental Spice – Now this is one trend that we can really nail! No excuses Goddesses! Get your Shenzhen tailors at the ready!

Left to right: Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Jason Wu, Temperley London

Peplum – also strong last season, but set to continue into A/W 2012/13. If it moves put a peplum on it and the bigger the better. Apparently when a peplum moves it makes your hips wiggle a la Marilyn Monroe!

Left to right: Burberry, Lanvin, Burberry, Mary Katrantzou

Colours – Purple and damson hues together with berry shades are going to be BIG this season, but note also the rich vibrant emerald green at Gucci and the striking colbalt blue at Stella McCartney, but purple steals the show. Oh and if you don’t do colour then you’ll be pleased to know that good old black is still doing the rounds.

Left to right: Christopher Cane, Roksanda Ilincic, Jonathan Saunders, Versus

Not on Sale

Fed up with the sales? These items are new in-store and not on sale but the prices are still good not to make you balk too much!

Left to right: H&M spike necklace $99, at this price you can buy two and make a real statement piece; Seed “Koa”sandal $910, also available with fluro yellow detail and Seed “Love” cord bracelet $65

Left to right: H&M black lace dress $249, Massimo Dutti red lace dress with black tie detail at back $1190

Left to right: New season jackets at Seed in keeping with the bold print theme (both $1400) and note the on-message splash of striking blue teamed under the Zebra print jacket.

Good Old Dotty P’s

I do miss the UK high street shops and always worth a look was Dorothy Perkins, although always shunned by the “too cool for school crowd” but as often is the case through their coolness they cut off their nose to spite their face. The prices are good too so you’ll be able to overlook the shipping fee of approx $125 to Hong Kong; items are delivered within 3-13 working days. I’m particularly loving the bold floral prints from their Billie & Blossom collection.

Left to right: Purple floral print maxi dress, although it looks black this is actually purple according to the description – bang on trend and bang on the money at approx $456; and Coral butterfly maxi dress approx $475

Left to right: The “Prom” dress is fast becoming a favourite of mine with its flattering feminine shape in a blurred floral print, also from the Billie & Blossom collection priced at approximately $475; and The Red rose and butterfly print dress again Billie & Blossom, approximately $355. This is definitely a throw on and go number.

Left to right: I am also loving The “Closet” collection multi stripe flare belted dress $625. And to finish, let’s get wiggling and have a couple of peplum numbers with the Blue print peplum dress $540, also from “Closet” collection, and a Dorothy Perkins (own label) Raspberry Peplum Dress $360. A peplum and a berry shade all rolled into one definitely on trend!


This week Andrea Clark, Creative Director of The Mandarin Salon at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong shares her tips for dealing with summer hair.

Summer can be a perilous time for hair. The same sun rays that tan your skin can also do damage to your hair, hair colour and highlights. The sun weakens the protein structure of hair as well as reducing moisture and elasticity so the hair breaks more easily. The top layer of your skin is replaced in 28 days but your hair only grows at an average of half an inch over that period, so some of your hair may have lived through at least one summer. The best protection is a hat and when swimming you can apply Philip Kingsley’s “Swim Cap” product, which is a beautiful cream that can be worked through the hair prior to swimming to form a barrier between salt water or chlorine. Like the sun, salt water and chlorine can have an effect on fading darker hair colours or further bleaching blonde highlights.

Don’t forget your vulnerable scalp and protect your parting from getting burnt also. After your summer holiday, if the weather has been really unkind to your hair, you can care for it with a deep conditioning treatment but throughout the summer months you should be trimming and conditioning anyway. Remember the hair is very delicate when wet so be gentle when you comb and careful when tying the hair up wet. Spread a little conditioner around the elasticized fabric to prevent it cutting into the hair. After all, you apply sun protection to your skin, so why not your hair and scalp? Happy holidays!

Midweek meal inspiration

This week not one but two recipes to tantalize your taste buds both with a Thai theme and both from the legend that is Delia Smith. First off we have Delia’s Thai Grilled Beef Salad which once you’ve made up the dressing (you can do this in advance) you can whip it up like a true Instant Goddess in no time at all. This recipe was given to her by chef Norbert Kostner at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok when she visited the cookery school there. I have also included her Stir Fried Chicken with Lime and Coconut for one of my male readers who doesn’t do salads but surely if it has fillet steak in it then that’s man enough? Anyhow, his wife has just had her first baby so probably he will have no time at all to be looking at this! But as Delia says of her Stir Fried Chicken number “It’s hard to credit that a recipe as simple and as quick as this could taste so good, but I can assure you it’s an absolute winner” and Goddesses…she is right. I have been making this for years and you can pretty much add any extra vegetables that takes your fancy to bolster it if you so desire.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “Some people are glaring examples, and teachers, of what not to be”.
Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Hold your horses… I’m coming!”

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are always, always worth it XX

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