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Sassy Mama road tests Inspire Yoga: private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home

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So private yoga tuition sounds pretty indulgent, right mama? But when you think about it, given that time is our most precious commodity and there’s few amongst us that have enough of that, a focused, tailored programme that responds to your personal needs starts to make sense. No more hanging around for the rest of the class to perfect their pose, no more rushing through the school run to get to your class and back in time for lunchtime pick-up. Not to mention no more sweaty old yoga mat and other people’s questionable hygiene… convinced yet?

Inspire Yoga are on a mission to get us all switched on to the benefits of yoga – regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or something of a pro, they will tailor a class to your needs, including pre and post-natal practice and kids classes, and all in the comfort of your own living room.


Rocking up to my place one rainy Monday afternoon, my teacher Lorraine (the dedicated yogis amongst you would recognise her from her Pure Fitness classes) immediately got started on a thorough assessment of my needs, experience and goals before we so much as glanced at a mat. Brushing away my apologies for the tininess of my living room (actually less of a problem than I’d envisaged), Lorraine helped me to set up a comfortable space to work in.

As it’s been a long time since my last Downward Dog, she focused on gentle stretching and helping me re-learn good breathing techniques as a starting point for the session. Talking me through each pose in detail and explaining how each particular technique would address my needs was something I found really helpful, leading me to understand exactly why Lorraine picked each pose for me.

The benefit of the one-to-one practice is that the teacher is able to closely scrutinise your pose, making tiny adjustments to ensure that you are working in the most effective (and safe) way. As someone who was wary to get back into yoga after a back injury in pregnancy, this was extremely reassuring, and I found myself quickly relaxing into the session and pushing myself that little bit harder than I usually would in class.

If you are pressed for time, have specific physical concerns or just like the idea of a programme that’s totally personalised rather than generic, this could be for you.

For more information, check out Inspire Yoga online, or call +8532 9167 3376.

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