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Sassy Scoop: Introducing Tribe Diaper Bags – Plus Win a Tribe Bag of Your Own!

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Being a mama, you often have to sacrifice certain elements of your personal style – from needing to swap to stretchy jersey when you’re preggers, to wearing buttoned shirts when nursing, right the way through to needing items that don’t show dirt and stains for dealing with mucky little toddlers and tykes! One area where it’s just frustrating to compromise though is when it comes to diaper bags. I mean, just how hard can it be to come up with something practical but still stylish? I sometimes feel like my diaper bag actually belongs to my daughter, as it’s so obviously a baby item. I’ve been wanting something that feels more like “me” for a while, and Tribe, a new brand out of Singapore is filling that much needed gap!

Tribe bags have sleek, clean designs, are made of gorgeously soft leather, and are hugely practical on the inside. As well as being fully lined with waterproof material with their trademark bean print, they are full of pockets and compartments (including a super-smart one in the bottom of the bag for gross-out stuff) just perfect for storing items that might leak or that are wet. Each bag comes with a changing mat that is sized to actually fit under a larger-than-newborn-sized wriggly baby, as well as two velcro pouches I use for storing diapers and wipes.

Then there are the little touches that thrill mama’s heart rather than just her mind, like the chunky zips with bean-embossed hardware, the way that certain bags have gold details and some have silver so you can match to your jewellery. Tribe’s signature bag is called the Singapore Sling (HK4,112), and this is the ultimate slouchy-cool casual style – perfect for literally slinging over your shoulder and hitting the road! It comes in six great colours, from a punchy raspberry to classic tan and vibrant turquoise, and with an adjustable strap so you can wear it cross-body if you fancy.

One of Sassy Mama’s faves from the range is the Orchard Tote (HK3480) – this style is made for those of us with predominantly black wardrobes who want something that doesn’t look anything like a traditional diaper bag. We love the creased patent leather, stud details and the fact that you could totally take this with you to the office if you’re a working mama. In fact, we would actually go so far as to say we would wear the Orchard Tote even if we were free of the babe for the afternoon!

Tribe Founder Rosie Jansen with an Orchard Tote

So who’s behind this fab new range? Well, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it’s one very stylish mama! Rosie Jansen is a Singapore-based Aussie mum (and of course handbag lover!) whose entrepreneurial interest was ignited when she started reading her husband’s MBA textbooks. After practising law for 10 years, she decided to take her career in another direction and embarked on the journey to develop The Ultimate Breed of Baby Bag. After 18 months of product development, this perfectionist mama is finally satisfied that she has created the perfect offering. Having tried out Tribe’s bags over the past week, we think she has done an amazing job!

Taking the Singapore Sling (and my daughter!) to our Mama Meetup at The W

Sassy Mama has one Singapore Sling to give away (in the colour of your choice!). To win, just email [email protected] and tell us what appeals to you about Tribe’s bags. Make sure to enter before August 4th!
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