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Save the best for baby with NAÏF’s soft and soothing baby care products

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A new baby care brand is trending and creeping its way onto our changing tables and into our bathrooms. NAÏF is a Dutch brand that was founded in 2012 by two very cool dads, Jochem and Sjoerd, who, after searching the market high and low for that perfect skincare range for their babies (presumably without success), decided to produce one themselves. Obviously. This Dutch duo not only designed an aesthetic crowd pleaser of a product but have ticked all the right boxes for many mamas by leaving out artificial ingredients such as chemical preservatives, PEG and synthetic emulsifiers while allowing nature to speak for itself with ingredients such as cottonseed oil & sweet almond oil.

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The name NAÏF, which means naive, honest and innocent, summed up newborn babies in the eyes of Jochem and Sjoerd. By only using pure ingredients in their products, they aspire to provide only the very best for our beautiful little monkeys, keeping them as pure as possible for as long as possible (at least that’s the intention).

This delicate range is an absolute hit in my eyes. It was nice to finally come across a brand that had really thought about what actually goes into baby products and tried to make everyday products great using entirely natural ingredients. The soothing massage oil was definitely my favourite. I have tried baby massage in the past but Sophia did not really take to it as eagerly as some babies, so when I got the NAÏF massage oil I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give baby massage another go and so far so good! The oil has a beautiful aroma and as well as being gentle on Sophia’s skin it leaves my hands feeling super soft, which is a nice bonus.


What I love about the NAÏF range is that it will grow with your baby. It is suitable for all ages (I even use the milky bath oil myself and it leaves my skin feeling cherub-worthy, so you can see it as a double investment). Hopefully you won’t personally get so much use from the diaper cream as your baby though!

This product gets a huge thumbs up from this Sassy Mama, and I take my hat off to NAÏF for taking the time to create a simple yet suitable product to protect and nourish our babies’ skin from harmful products. So what are you waiting for? Beat the trend and instead of taking my word for it go try this luxury baby care range for yourselves and finish each day with the sweet smells of cottonseed and baby goodness!


140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Peark-blueMention “Sassy Mama” at any NAÏF Care stockist below to enjoy 20% off regular prices, valid until the end of June.

NAÏF Care products are currently available online at MumsEurotradingHK and Mamahen Gift Registry and at the following stores in Hong Kong: Growing Family CareHicareMother OrganicHakme Beauty and Treasure Island Sai Kung. Click here for a complete list of stores selling NAÏF Care. 

Check out the full range of NAÏF products here:


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