Our strong academic programme, a solid community ethos and spacious green location have made us a school of choice for students of all nationalities.
We are very proud of our community atmosphere, our location, our large playing field, school garden and extensive open space allows students to play and enjoy sports, away from the crowds.
We have a long history of delivering high quality education, and we have strong commendations from worldwide accrediting organisations.

Our emphasis is on inquiry skills and developing enthusiastic, open minded learners, with a strong foundation in Maths and English. All students learn Mandarin as a language. There are specialist teachers for PE, Music, Digital and Information Literacy, and Learning Support.

We broaden and enrich education through our challenging academic and extra-curricular programmes. School trips, sporting competitions, camps, musical productions, exhibitions and a diverse after school activities programme, all help to create creative and confident students.

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International Demographics

HK Permanent residents (no foreign passport): 31.8% British: 20.1% European 17.2%


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Applications can be made at any time during the year.
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Catchment area policy
Admissions process

Enrolment is open to anyone, in Hong Kong or abroad. The Principal makes the final decision on admission of students into school. It is the school’s policy to try and ensure a balance in each class of nationality, gender and languages. This provides all students with the maximum opportunity of learning in a rich multi-cultural and co-educational environment with a high standard of spoken English.

Admission is possible at any time of the year if places are available. Students starting in Nursery will be expected to continue throughout the school to Year 6 and then on to International College Hong Kong for their secondary education. Usually we would expect local students to start in our Nursery and expatriate students in the year group according to when they arrive in Hong Kong.

As classes approach capacity, particular consideration is given to:

Students who are native English speakers,
Students who contribute either to the multi-cultural or gender balance of the class,
Siblings of children already attending at the school,
Children of staff working at the school,
Students who are residents in Hong Lok Yuen.
Families seeking admission for their child at any time of the year, should make an appointment with the Principal or the Deputy Principal (Admin). All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs.

Students with learning difficulties may be admitted if it is believed that their needs can be supported by the School’s Learning Support Programme and that students can be placed in the regular classroom without jeopardising the education of other students.

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2 Twentieth Street, Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po, New Territories
T : +852 2658 6935