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StuffGenie’s Easy Storage Solution for Busy Mamas!

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We love Hong Kong for its big city vibe, but the downside is that all the skyscrapers and massive shopping malls mean apartments are often the size of walk-in closets (which they literally become when your children outgrow their toys and clothes every week)! Outside storage is the best option to de-clutter your home, but those trips to the warehouse are a pain. Here to save the day is StuffGenie: This new storage company takes the hassle out of storing your things, with a delivery service right to your doorstep, for just $65 per box / month. Get ready to revolutionise your storage, mamas!

StuffGenie is a tech start-up founded this year by Miles and Charles Davison, two brothers experienced in IT and logistics across Europe and Asia, who saw an opportunity in Hong Kong’s market for an easy and efficient storage solution to free up space in Hong Kong’s tiny apartments!

StuffGenie’s storage concept is stress-free and accessible with an easy-to-use website and no minimum charge, plus free initial delivery and collection of containers! Simply create a StuffGenie account online, request the number of containers you need, and the boxes will be delivered to you within 24 hours. Add your own description and photographs to the containers for a thorough inventory. Your boxes will be collected, stored and delivered back to you at your request with a simple touch of a button!

StuffGenie is an on-demand, all-in-one storage solution to clear away toys, bulky items, miscellaneous knick-knacks and clothes with the company’s customised garment boxes. If you’re like us, you have shoes, dresses and jackets for different seasons piled high in your closets, so why not store away the ones you don’t need? Clear up space for your winter wardrobe, and once the sunny weather sets in again, you can retrieve your slippers and swimsuits with minimal hassle. For new mamas, store away the baby products and equipment you’ve been compiling at home until the big day arrives!StuffGenie is also a great solution for storing away special mementos, toys and old kids clothes that will need to be retrieved once baby number two comes along.

The best part? There’s no minimum storage amount or time frame – simply have your belongings stowed away for you or delivered back to your doorstep whenever you need! Easy peasy, mama!


Sassy Mama Offer: Get your first month of storage for FREE using the code ‘SassyMama’, valid through 31 January, 2015.

Brought to you in partnership with StuffGenie

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