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Chinese New Year Gifting: Lasting Memories and Lifelong Jewellery

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Making memories whilst making jewellery…

Chinese New Year is known as one of the luckiest times of the year for a reason! Welcoming in the new year is often paired with welcoming in new gifts, and we’re more than ready to make the most of it. We’re always in favour of making memories, which is why we love the idea of creating personalised jewellery. There’s no doubt that getting something special for someone guarantees starting the year off right!

If you’re not yet familiar with the experts at Diamond Registry, we’ve got some news to share. This bespoke company is here to make sure your lifelong gift comes paired with a lasting memory. Not only will you be able to discover and create unique pieces of jewellery, but you’ll also come away with a memorable experience to treasure for years to come.

So, if creating a memorable gift sounds like the dream to you, this place has got you covered. For a romantic take, head over with your mister as a little CNY-meets-Valentine’s-Day-combo. It’s a bonus if you’re partnering designers for the final piece! Or, get your kids involved too. Your lucky daughter (or daughters) are guaranteed to feel special with this once-in-a-lifetime surprise. Together, you can enjoy picking out the ideal rock in a private setting (kind of like a top-secret treasure hunt for tweens and teens).

The in-house jewellery designers will help you accurately compare the stones, until you eventually find the right one for you. They take into account your budget, style and size preference to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Next, you and your loved one can move on to the designing and creation of the final piece. The excitement of making your very own jewellery is a unique experience, and the best bit? You’re left with a personalised piece that effortlessly sums up your style. Engravings included!

With wholesale prices and a private and intimate showroom, Diamond Registry makes sure your experience is so much more than just picking and choosing. You really do get to experience top quality service, whilst the knowledgeable jewellers bring your idea to life!

If you’re keen to personalise and purchase a gorgeous diamond piece (for yourself, or for a lucky someone) stop by Diamond Registry’s showroom in Central, or call or WhatsApp one of their in-house experts, Grace, on 6273 4281.

Brought to you in partnership with Diamond Registry.

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