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The Instant Goddess is fighting fit!

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Call me old-fashioned but given it’s the first blog of 2015, Instant Goddess is going to have to touch on work-out gear…yes, yes, I know, but it’s probably the only time of the year that we will talk about sportswear, so bear with me and best foot forward Goddesses!

For basics you can’t go wrong with Cotton On and if you subscribe to their mailing list you currently get 30% off your first online order. Shipping is free over $800. Nike and Adidas brands are available on ASOS and Next which means you can get hold of often hard to come by trainers in larger sizes (up to a UK 9). Shipping on both ASOS and Next is free but Next deliver quicker in only 4 working days as opposed to 10 days with ASOS. House of Fraser have a cracking selection of sportswear and a new favourite is Lorna Jane, an Aussie brand with its catchy slogans and vibrant use of colour. Shipping costs approx. $120 and takes up to 10 days with House of Fraser. Limited items by Lorna Jane are also available on Zalora. Another brand that caught the Instant Goddess roving eye is Phat Budda, available on Shopbop for its quirky but practical designs.

Collage 1Left: Lorna Jane Pria Excel Zip Through approx. $690, top right: Lorna Jane Wake Up and Run Tank approx.$340, both House of Fraser and bottom right: Pink/Navy Kanadia Trainers $734 from Next

Collage 2Left: Addidas Originals Zebra Leggings $379, top right: Nike Just Do It leggings $455, both from ASOS and Active Zip Thru Jacket $229 from Cotton On

Collage 3From left to right: Lincoln Square Work Out Leggings $684, War Horse Work Out Leggings $765 and Amsterdam Work Out Leggings $628, all from Shopbop

Collage 4From left to right: Nike boyfriend sweatshirt $576 from ASOS, Lorna Jane Fit Tank approx. $340 and Lorna Jane Animania Sweat Tank approx. $573

Grey Days

Amazingly, Instant Goddess is still nursing a wee bit of a shopping hangover after overdoing it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but if one were to throw shopping caution to the wind for those grey days these would hit the old shopping trolley:

Collage 5From left to right: Grey leather look faux fur gilet $702 and grey leather stud fringed tote bag $1,170, both River Island and Grey boots reduced to $999, Zara

Daytime Posh

And if you’re all for being super-duper organised and have a summer wedding coming up or are just looking for a bit of daytime posh to spruce up your wardrobe then maybe these might tickle your fancy:

Collage 6Left: ASOS Premium Jacquard Pep Hem With Embellishment $1,515 and Needle and Thread Embellished Grid Mesh skirt $1,439 and matching top $1,666 – all from ASOS

Collage 7Left: ASOS Premium Embellished Floral Tank $1,818 and Needle and Thread Tulle Midi Skirt $833 and Matching Embellished Locket top $1,288 – all from ASOS

Midweek Meal Inspiration

Photo 8Obviously, with all the workout gear above and with most of us feeling the strain of all that festive gluttony it just HAS to be something relatively healthy this week. So, Instant Goddess is very much liking the look and taste of this Roast Salmon with Pesto Sauce and Beetroot Slaw over on BBC GoodFood.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “Loving someone never goes to waste”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Hold your nerve”.

Until next time Goddesses and remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it XX


Main image sourced via Pinterest
Main image sourced via Pinterest

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