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Which Vitamins And Supplements Should You REALLY Be Taking?

imi integrated medical institute vitamin supplement shop
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We all know that our immune systems could use a little boost from time to time. But with a huge range of vitamins and supplements on the market it can be difficult to decide. That’s where the integrated health professionals at IMI come in.

Integrated Medical Institute (IMI) offers a range of health and wellness services to suit your family’s needs. There’s everything from conventional family medicine to services in naturopathic medicine and nutrition, psychology and counselling, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s this team of professionals who curate the wide range of supplements and vitamins on offer at IMI Supplements Online.

imi integrated medical institute vitamin supplement shop

What to look for in a multi-vitamin

While we all strive to feed our family with healthy, nutritious food, sometimes a little supplement can give their health some extra support. This is where a multivitamin comes in handy. You’ll want to choose something that is high quality, nutritionally dense and that passes the taste test of fussy kids.

IMI’s Clinical Multivitamin Powder has been formulated by in-house naturopaths to meet the nutritional needs of your family and can be used by both adults and children (from 4 years old at a different dose). Simply mix the powder with water, juice or food to aid in protecting your liver, brain and heart. Plus, it’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit to give it a pleasant tropical flavour.

imi integrated medical institute vitamin supplement shop

How to decide on a supplement for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Your body sure is incredible and during pregnancy and those newborn days is working in overdrive to support two lives! There’s a need for extra vitamin A, folate, zinc, protein and omega-3 fatty acids (and possibly more depending on your specific health needs).

When you purchase your prenatal supplements from IMI, you know that each of the products has been vetted by qualified practitioners and designed to meet the nutritional needs of you and your baby. With ingredients like high-quality fish oils that have been rigorously detoxified, you can be assured you’re getting the benefits without any harmful nasties.

imi integrated medical institute vitamin supplement shop

Where to shop for IMI vitamins and supplements

The IMI dispensary is conveniently located in Central and many of its products are available online. There’s even free (for orders over $350), temperature-controlled delivery to maintain the freshness and efficacy of your vitamin order. You can also book a consultation with any of the IMI practitioners for recommendations for your specific health needs.

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