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What Sassy Mama Wants: January

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Everything we’re coveting this month…

It’s a new year, and you’ve heard us say read it time and again: it’s time for a new you! If you’re feeling the post holiday blues like we are, why not treat yourself to a little something special from our regular column What Sassy Mama Wants? It’s all the bits and pieces we’re coveting, including products that’ll have you inspired to hit the gym and get back into a routine. Put down that coffee cup and opt for a warming and fragrant tea instead, or get redecorating your kiddo’s nursery. Check it all out below!

What Sassy Mama Wants - January 2016 - Collage 1

1. LAS GOLONDRINAS 1948 in Hot Pink

We don’t know about you, but our calves are positively aching from all those heeled boots we wore during the holidays. It’s time to come back down to earth (ha—see what we did there?!) and pound the pavements in these gorgeous flats from LAS GOLONDRINAS, the sister brand of Spanish Shoes. Wave away the winter blues with the 1948 in this poppy shade of pink. Maria, the brand’s founder, took inspiration from her childhood and from ballerina slippers when creating this, and we absolutely adore the look.

Available for $680 online here.

2. Domestic Objects Handmade Kids’ Play Tent

Spruce up your kids room with this kids play tent from Domestic Objects – hide and seek will definitely be fun at home! A great space in their bedroom for playtime, story time or for a little kiddie cave, this play tent is handmade and made from cotton. There’s a padded mat and two throw pillows included, as well as a window on each side and Velcro ties on the door, making it easy for tiny hands to get in and out. Why not recreate those camp vibes right in a Hong Kong flat?

Available on Etsy here for $1,393.31

3. Coordinates Collective Compass Collection

This one comes recommended from Sassy Mama co-founder Maura herself! After admiring this gold bangle from Coordinates Collective on her mum-in-law’s wrist over the holidays, she’s been eyeing one up for herself! Not only does it look stunning, you can add the coordinates of anywhere you want in the world. Why not add the coordinates of your wedding anniversary, or even the location your bubba was born? This one from the Open Air collection makes for a gorgeous keepsake.

Available for US$275 from the Coordinates Collection website here.

4. Miss Runner Bloom Madness Yoga Mat

Get your yoga on with new athletic apparel and equipment brand Miss Runner. This product will definitely motivate you, too, and will pep you right up for that morning yoga sesh in the living room. Oh and if you’re toddler is inspired to join you, check out our post on our 5 fave mama and baby yoga poses. The Miss Runner yoga mats are made from 100% natural tree rubber, are biodegradable, and free from latex, silicone, toxic glue and phthalates while having a top layer with cushioning. There’s a strap included as well so you can take it to your neighbourhood class and be the envy of every other yogi there. 

Available online for $570 from the Miss Runner website here.

What Sassy Mama Wants - January 2016 - Collage 2

5. BabyNes Machine

Mamas, if you’re rushed off your feet sorting formula out for the day, check out this machine from BabyNes. It looks like a funky coffee maker, but it’s all safe for making formula. The machine prepares a perfectly measured feed each time, with different capsules of formula for different age groups. It’s packed with a lot of smart features: LED lights so you can keep the kitchen lights off at night if bubba is half-asleep, you can adjust the height to fit any bottle, it recognises which capsule is placed in it and adjusts the amount of water to suit, and it switches off automatically after a minute when not in use. 

Available for $2,288 online here or in stores around Hong Kong, click here for locations. Capsules are $548 for a box of 26, minimum order is two boxes.

6. Rumi Yoga Wear Spirit Leggings

If the idea of joining the gym is dragging you down, why not invest in some new workout gear to motivate and lift your spirits? These ones from Rumi Yoga Wear will fit you like a glove so you can work those glutes comfortably in chair pose. The leggings feel like a second skin against your body, and we love how lightweight they are. With stretch support, you’ll be super happy and snug in all your physical pursuits

Available online from Rumi Yoga Wear for US$78 here.

7. BASAO Traditional Smoky Bohea

January is all about looking after yourself instead of indulging. While some of us at Sassy Mama HQ can’t quite kick our twice-daily Caffe Mocha habit, many of us have switched to drinking light and fragrant teas this season to keep us warm. BASAO is a brand new tea brand on the market. The team work with farms around Asia, collaborating with them on the best way to grow and process clean tea. The Traditional Smoky Bohea is a black tea, rich in flavour as its smoked three times… we tried it and it tasted like winter! Here’s to staying toasty warm…

Available from Basao online for $195 here.

8. J.Crew Tippi Sweater

Need to update your wardrobe? Yeah, us too, mama! Some of our sweaters are looking a bit worn and threadbare. One of the best places to snag jumpers is J.Crew, and we especially love this Tippi Sweater in Navy Watermelon. Brighten up the winter greys with this fashionably bright jumper, which looks great thrown over a pair of jeans. Here’s to the start of a new wardrobe in 2016! 

Available at J.Crew online for $880 here.

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