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Why Choose Timba Swim School for Your Child?

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We live in Hong Kong. And among many other things, this means that no matter where you’re located in the 852, you live very close to, if not surrounded by water. You’re also surrounded by that extreme Hong Kong weather that no doubt necessitates regular pool time. As parents, ensuring that our children know how to swim, and properly, is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, there’s a swim school in Hong Kong that values safety and quality teaching for our children just as much as we do—Timba Swim School. Here are 5 great reasons to enroll your child at Timba Swim School.

1. Timba provides specifically tailored programmes, which enable swimmers of all ages and skill to flourish.

Timba Swim School offers three distinctive programmes: Infant Aquatics, Learn to Swim and Competitive.

In the Infant Aquatics programme, children 6 to 36 months of age are taught to not just be comfortable in the water, but to develop a love of swimming. Parents attend this class and are in the water with their child during the lessons, so it’s also a great bonding opportunity!

Learn to Swim is a programme designed to accommodate students ages 3 and up of all abilities. Each student is placed within one of eight classes based on level of ability. Each level is designed to effectively build confidence and master the appropriate skills to enable a smooth graduation to the next level and a swift progression through the program.

The competitive programme is for the serious swimmer who wishes to take his aquatic skills next level. Students in this programme train to participate in competitions held throughout the year.

2. Timba Swim School’s seeks to ensure the highest level of swim instruction.

Every aspect of its programmes is designed with safety as its main focus. All of Timba’s swim coaches are AUSTSWIM qualified and the school is an AUSTSWIM certified learning centre. The AUSTSWIM accreditation, which originated in Australia but is recognized internationally, is regarded as the industry standard for Swimming and Water Safety Teachers™.

3. Safety is Timba Swim School’s number one priority.

Timba Swim School puts safety first in every aspect of its instruction. It not only ensures that both its swimming and water safety programmes are conducted by accredited personnel, but also requires that every instructor maintain relevant accreditation including an annual CPR update, participates in regular professional development and abides by established standards for aquatic facility safety.

4. Timba Swim School creates and maintains a respectful atmosphere.

They choose instructors and staff who share their vision in creating and upholding a professional and ethical environment. Coaches maintain a respectful approach when teaching their students.

5. Timba Swim School wants your child to have the best swim experience possible.

In an effort to give the highest regard to safety and quality instruction, Timba Swim School handpicks only the most highly qualified and experienced instructors to teach swimming and water safety to their students. Timba Swim School always aims to employ industry leaders that will make a significant, positive impact on their students.

So whether you have a little pup who wants to have a blast splashing, a child who is eager to improve his swimming skills or a future Michael Phelps on your hands, Timba Swim School, with its top-notch instructors, will give them the best tools to be safe, happy and skilled in the water.

Enroll your child in a Timba Swim School class today!

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