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WIN: A Coravin Wine Preservation System Worth $3,580! Here’s How We Use Ours

Win a Coravin wine preservation system
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If you love the finer things in life and want to make them last longer, Coravin wine preservation systems are here to rescue you and your favourite tipple. Now you are in with a chance of winning your own Coravin 6+ Midnight Blue worth $3,580! Read on to find out how to enter, plus how and when you can use your Coravin system.

Priorities get completely shuffled when you become a parent, and for good reason! When kids arrive in our universe, the little beings are completely dependent on us for everything, and so, for a time, we can easily lose track of who we are. As they grow and become more independent, parts of our past-lives also come back – albeit not always in the same way. If you were a lover of fine wine pre-kids and want to continue your passion post-kids, we’ve got just the thing to help make that bottle of red, white or bubbles last longer. Enter: Coravin, your go-to for wine preservation, keeping your bottles fresh for weeks, months or even years later!

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Coravin wine preservation systems Hong Kong

4 Perfect Moments To Enjoy Your Wine Anytime

The Sassy Mama office is buzzing at the chance to win the Coravin 6+ Midnight Blue! We’re all about savouring our most loved bottles of wine and pouring a glass of the good stuff when needed. But just where and when can the Coravin wine preservation system come to your rescue? Here’s how we use ours…

Sassy Mama number peach 1Picnic At The Park Or Beach

The weather is looking good, the picnic blanket is packed, the kids have got their juice. How about us parents? Pack that bottle of sauvignon blanc and right alongside it your Coravin and enjoy a glass or two while the kids burn off some energy.

Sassy Mama number peach 2Family Junk Boat

Junk boat trips with the family are a very different experience to junk boats sans kids (thankfully!) but you can still pack a bottle of wine or bubbly to enjoy en route or for the iconic end-of-the-junk-boat group photo. Your Coravin is ideal for bottles of bubbles or for bringing along that half-finished bottle of rosé.

Sassy Mama number peach 3Special Occasion

Do you have a bottle of extra-special fizz in your fridge waiting to be opened? We like to dig out the Krug or Cristal for very special occasions but if you don’t want to down it in one go, simply use your Coravin to preserve your bottle for up to four weeks. One Sassy Mama and her husband head to a special pier every anniversary with a couple of glasses and a bottle of their wedding wine in-hand.

Coravin Model 6+ Midnight Blue wine preservation system

Sassy Mama number peach 4Girls Night In Or Date Night Dinner At Home

If you’re cooking at home to impress, why not go all in and pair the perfect bottle of wine with each course? No need to drink the entire bottle just because it’s open! Pop your Coravin into your starter, main course or desert wine and enjoy them at a later date.

Win Your Own Coravin 6+ Midnight Blue worth $3,580!

How Does The Coravin Wine Preservation System Work?

Gone are the days of binge drinking, not that they probably ever existed when popping a bottle of Rothschild (*gasp*)! Even if you might want to put your feet up and sink a bottle of red once the kids are in bed, chances are you won’t have the time (anyone else’s kid a nighttime waker?). In which case, a glass or two is the perfect balance.

More than your average wine stopper, Coravin keeps the cork in place rather than removing the cork completely. By eliminating contact with outside air, the remaining wine is not just stored, but preserved for a later date. The result is a glass of wine as fresh as the day you opened the bottle.

The Coravin Timeless series is a great way to pour all your favourite wines without pulling the cork. Match a crisp rosé to your cheese board and follow it with a bold full-bodied red to match your roast dinner. Don’t forget something sweet for dessert!

Pour The Perfect Glass In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Align the SmartClamps with your bottle, and push down – this will insert the needle through the cork.
  2. As you pour, the wine will run through the needle and pure argon gas will be inserted in its place. As the needle comes out the cork expands back into place. Easy!
  3. Each Coravin Pure capsule will let you pour up to 15 glasses of your favorite drop (three full bottles) and they’ve cleverly designed the needle to be off-centre so as to not pierce the cork in the same place.

Sassy Mama Tip: Want to try the results of a Coravin preservation system before you buy? You’re in luck! The following restaurants now use the Coravin systems to preserve their wine by the glass:

Coravin, Unit B, 8/F, Times Tower, 391-407 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 8009 69136, follow on Facebook: CoravinHongKong, follow on Instagram: @coravin_hk, [email protected], 

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