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Tented Terroirs: Mr and Mrs Smith share the best spots to go glamping with the kids

Mr&MrsSmith_KasbahTamadot_AtlasMountains_Morocco (1)

Backyard camping is all well and good, but why not try glamping at some of Mr & Mrs Smith’s exclusive tented temptations. Glimpse playful baboons and prancing antelopes from a private-viewing deck in Africa or live the life of a wealthy … [Read more...]

Holiday Down Under: Mr & Mrs Smith’s top family-friendly destinations in Australia


Dreaming of a family holiday with nary a caravan site or theme park in site? The family-focused hotel connoisseurs Smith & Family have three luxury Australian stays to impress the iPod buds off even the most angsty of teens. With enough kit to … [Read more...]

Three stunning New Zealand family holidays from Mr & Mrs Smith


If the summer holidays are already fading from memory and you’re wondering where to head for the mid-term break, don’t miss boutique travel experts Mr & Mrs Smith’s three memorable New Zealand escapes, which showcase this gorgeous island … [Read more...]

Five fun family rainy-day activities in Sydney: Sassy Mama Jane gives us the local’s lowdown

sydney aquarium

Sydney is synonymous with water – the famous harbour, gorgeous beaches and some of the most picturesque public swimming pools in the world (try North Sydney Pool or Andrew Boy Charlton for a great day with the kids). However, none of this helps … [Read more...]

Three of the best animal adventures: Australia, Malaysia & Thailand

Mr & Mrs Smith_Anantara Golden Triangle_Chiang Mai_Thailand_Pool

  If there’s anything that will get kids excited it’s the promise of animals. Big, small, furry, scaly – it doesn’t really matter to the short people as long as they get up close and personal with the wild things. Boutique travel experts … [Read more...]

Spark Pre-Baby Romance! Here are Three of the Best Babymoon Spots Around

Mr & Mrs Smith_L Hotel Seminyak_Bali_Indonesia_Rooftop

Life is going to change with the big arrival. You know that. So before you have to start worrying about night-time feeds, nappy changes and enrolling your child in a good prep, take a little time for you. Oh, and your partner. Boutique travel experts … [Read more...]

Escape the Holidays: Here’s to 3 Family-Friendly Christmas Breaks


Sometimes the thought of preparing a feast for extended family or trying to sort out what to do on New Year’s Eve can mess with the heads of even the most patient and organised parents. There is a solution: pack your bags, grab the kids and get … [Read more...]

Family-Friendly Beach Holidays: Fiji, Bali and Thailand

Cousteau Resort, Savusavu, Fiji

Is there anything more relaxing than immersing yourself in the ocean, lying by the pool or getting a little bit of sand on your skin? The problem is that kids can find drifting off for a nap in the sunshine or leisurely strolling on the beach just a … [Read more...]

The teen scene


Travelling with teens? Before you start tearing your hair out, check out our top tips from boutique travel experts Mr & Mrs Smith. From a Fijian beach escape and action-packed Great Barrier Reef getaway, to a hip hangout in New York, these … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Group Getaways

Mr & Mrs Smith_Villa Sungai_Bali_Indonesia_Pool & Deck

Rally the troops for a glamorous group getaway, as boutique travel experts Mr & Mrs Smith present three top picks for hosting holidays with a crowd. Choose from a butler-serviced stay in Bali, a view-blessed beach house on the north Australian … [Read more...]

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