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10 Maternity Must-Haves

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Check out the 10 things Jasmine Smith of Dress Me Blog Me insists every pregnant woman needs!

In the early stages of pregnancy, I thrust my hips forward and arched my back in order for my barely-there-bump to bloom into a vivacious curve.  

I was one of those proud mamas that from the moment the little blue sign signaled my fertility on the home pregnancy kit, I took to wearing bod-con and was constantly rubbing by nonexistent belly… which did eventually did grow into a bump to boast of. But the  w e i g h t  that came with it!  Ohhh, that extra 25kgs that came along with pregnancy – now that took some time to get my head around!  It also meant that unfortunately, for my awaiting wardrobe, those extra kilograms combined with my non-shrinking baby belly had me wearing my maternity for months after giving birth. This made me ever so thankful for that small dint on my credit card that occurred in the form of maternity shopping!  

You see, modern maternity wear is designed to not only last all three trimesters of your pregnancy, but when the bump turns into a baby and doesn’t disappear like we all wish it did, that maternity wear is still there, fitting like perfection when our ‘normal’ wardrobe won’t.

So for all those bump-a-licious mamas out there who have yet to purchase maternity wear, here are my TOP 10 Maternity Must-Haves that will not only see you through those nine stunning months of your belly being the focus, but also the nine plus months that follow when our bodies are still losing the extra weight we gained…


– Leggings You Can LIVE In –

My Pick: Mayarya Maternity Treggings

Price:  HK$1,200

Why: Not only do baby-bumps come in all sorts of unpredictable shapes and sizes, they CHANGE from week to week!  Now the perfect accompaniment to the ever-changing female form is a GREAT pair of black leggings which will comfortably support your bump as its shape and weight changes.

After pregnancy, that bump takes a while to decrease in size, and while it’s doing so, it’s great to have clothing that fits your post-pregnancy body.


– No-Fuss Tanks and Tees –

My Pick: ASOS Crew Neck T-Shirt 2-Pack

Price: HK$170

Why:  There will be days when ‘baby-brain’ literally takes over and the art of dressing yourself is lost in the jelly that your thinking process becomes.  On those days, you want to be able to reach for something in your wardrobe that you can simply slip over your head, without any thought to styling, doing up buttons, arranging or tying – and a classic t-shirt or tank top will allow you to do just that!

And once baby comes, again, you’ll need simple, no-fuss garments that are cheap enough so you can buy a new set once you’ve out-worn the first. These tees are classics that will work with anything from a pencil skirt to cute shorts to comfy jeans.



– Booty Covering Cardigan –

My Pick: ASOS Maternity Longline Waterfall Cardigan

Price: HK$341

Why:  Now on days where you just can’t quite get your head around your increasingly Kardashian-worthy booty, simply cover it up with a cardi!

Notice the form-fitting arms – these are the key to looking body-balanced while wearing all the drapery. Tight arms will ensure that you won’t make yourself look bigger and engulfed in so much fabric. They help to hint at a slim form underneath all that booty-covering fabric.  PLUS, post-pregnancy, this cardi becomes the perfect plane-accessory!  Look to any celebrity for proof of this travel-style must-have!



– Boyish Brogues –

My Pick: Louttesse

Price: HK$3400

Why: Now while ballet pumps are a classic go-to for most mamas, I suggest looking into a pair of brogues as a seriously stylish  alternative!  

Loutesse is renown for their fine Mallorquian craftsmanship – something the men of Hong Kong know well as the brand is largely pitched to those who work in suits.  But that padded, perfectly moulded foot-hugging design is by no means limited to men!  Ladies, comfort and support is key throughout a pregnancy, and a divinely sculptured pair of shoes should have your name written all over them.  (Oh! Now do ask about their bespoke name placement – a fun way to announce your baby’s name to the world!)



– Form Fitting Dress –

My Pick: Short Sleeve Rouched Dress by Mayarya

Price: HK$785

Why:  The roughing on this dress is EVERYTHING!  It’s a wonderful technique employed to both stretch and move with your bump, smoothing over your curves, as well as a fail-proof way to hide any extra weight you might be carrying post-baby-bump.



– Loose Dress –

My Pick: The Dahlia Dress by HATCH

Price: HK$1700

Why:  The lines of this loose-fitting dress are precisely cut to ensure it’s both flattering and bump-discrete, meaning that it’ll loosely flow over you beautifully, no matter what stage pre and post-baby your belly is at.



– Pencil Skirt –

My Pick: Splendid Fold Over Skirt from ShopBop

Why:  Thigh covering, bump accentuating, femininely ideal but also the ultimate in comfort, the pencil skirt is fantastic for ticking a multitude of sartorial boxes.  This ‘Splendid’  skirt from ShopBop plays the perfect host to an array of events, being able to look appropriate when worn with a simple t-shirt to go grocery shopping, to being layered with a silk button-down for a classy evening out.  And it just doesn’t stop giving!  After pregnancy, it will continue to play it’s part, perfectly.

Price: HK$574



– Classic Shirt –

My Pick: HATCH Classic White Shirt

Price: HK$1224

Why: Cut in a way that won’t budge at the bust or the belly, this white shirt has all the makings of maternity perfection!  And after pregnancy, it will follow in that oversized-boyfriend-shirt coolness that will casually have you looking on-key and completely covered!



– Jeans –

My Pick: H&M Mama Skinny Jeans

Price: HK$399

Why:  Denim has come so far in terms of technology and is a fabric that responds so well to a multitude of shapes and sizes.  In terms of simple style, there’s no getting around the fact that a pair of well-cut jeans just scream casual PERFECTION!  I’m all for denim that can making your pregnancy weight gain and loss a stylish flow dressed in denim.


– Skinny Belt-

My Pick: Cala Skinny Leather Belt from Polkadot Boutique

Price: HK$620

Why: This is an accessory that you shouldn’t go through pregnancy without, and is also a post-pregnancy must-have!  The skinny belt will add serious amounts of dimension to your outfits – making nearly any top or dress bump-friendly when looped around the body.

Lead image sourced via Pinterest, all other images sourced via respective websites

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