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Bastien’s Pedicure at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental: Treatment for Your Sole

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The Bastien Pedicure at The Landmark Mandarin is perfect for all mamas, especially for mamas-to-be!

SASSY SPOILER ALERT – There is nothing negative said in the below review, this treatment was feetastic!

I recently visited Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio at the Landmark Mandarin (by Bastien Gonzalez) and received the Bastien’s Pedicure. I had never come across this studio before so I was keen to experience this exclusive level of treatment on my feet & toes, and once I had received this treatment I was so excited to share my unique experience with you lovely lot. Hong Kong summers definitely take their toll on our poor little feet. With the high temperatures, flip flops & relaying polish appointments, we are often left at the end of summer with feet that are a sight for sore eyes. We breathe a sigh of relief knowing winter is just around the corner, when we can start to hide our toes in ankle boots or flat shoes.

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As women, I think most of us endeavour to ensure our toes sparkle at the ends of our feet and are keen to show off our choice of outrageous colours that stand out from the dull pavements. But once the polish is removed, I know I for one am left looking at my feet and feeling sorry for them. The unintentionally abusive relationship I have had with my feet has in the past left my toenails looking yellow and weak (gross I know). If this sounds like you, I have a solution that will allow you to bare that natural shine of your nails, freeing you from the need to hide behind the polish. Bastien’s Pedicure is a must appointment for all you gorgeously glowing mamas-to-be out there.

Of course this treatment is fantastic for all women (and men), but I wish I had known about this elite pedicure service when I was pregnant, as it would have been my absolute go-to. All that excess weight on my feet, and my toes resembling fat slugs… moms-in-waiting certainly deserve this pampering treat! Bastien’s Pedicure is the crème de la crème of pedicures. Before my treatment with Albin I had no idea that a pedicure could combine cosmetic with cure. The word pedicure derives from the Latin words pēs,ped-, meaning foot and Latin cūra, meaning cure.  And cure is indeed Bastien’s main focus for all treatments.

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Albin is the podiatrist master here at Bastien’s Studio. I’m greeted with a warm smile and a tray full of refreshments before my treatment begins. The room screams more spa than scary podiatrist clinic, and I immediately felt relaxed in the lush leather recliner. This treatment comprised a series of three stages: 1. Remove dead skin and rejuvenate the nails 2. Buff the nails and 3. increase blood circulation through a relaxing massage.

The first step is to treat all the nails. Now this method shocked me as I was waiting to place my feet in a scented salt bath, but Bastien’s treatment is a completely dry procedure (meaning no water is involved – AT ALL).  This is because when it comes to removing the dead skin they can see exactly what needs to be removed with the blade, and they don’t remove any new skin. Soaking your feet in water and then removing unnecessary skin will in time encourage the skin to harden in an effort to protect the damaged area of the foot, so this is a big no-no here (maybe keep this in mind when you go for your next pedicure?). Albin is a trained podiatrist so I trusted him 100% (even when he reached for his dentist-style tool kit). He was a man on a mission, prepping the feet for the next stage- BUFFING.

Next, Albin applies a very small amount of paste to the nails, which is made from mother of pearl, and uses a natural horn buffer with a leather pad on the end, which naturally buffs the nails up to give a natural, magical shine without removing any more of the nail than is absolutely necessary (which certain nail files will do). I asked Albin how Bastien came to discover this technique, and he told me (nostalgically) that Bastien used to watch his great-grandmother buff her nails with a leather pad, and wonderfully, this memory has evolved to become a big part of his treatments today. I love a great family tradition. Once your nails are twinkling and your skin is feeling oh-so-soft, the lights are dimmed, your chair is gently reclined, an oil is applied to your feet and legs and the treatment is rounded off with a revitalising massage. I absolutely love being pampered, so to have such a great quality massage included in the treatment was music to my ears.  I was extremely close to falling asleep, it was that good (don’t worry if you do the same – I get the feeling Albin views this as a professional compliment). Albin mentioned after the massage that pinching areas of the soles will plump up the cushioning in the feet and help with blood circulation, which will be fantastic if your feet have started to swell due to the added weight of your bump (it’s all worth it I promise).

Ladies, if I can give you some advice it would be to treat yourselves (or, better still, have your husbands treat you) to this dream-like treatment before your little angels arrive, and to other mamas out there, carve out an hour of your weekend and go visit Albin as a special treat. If you want to take the pressure off your feet and be able to expose your natural glowing toes, then head over there now rapidement, you will thank me later.

Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa, Landmark Mandarin, Central, Hong Kong, 2132 0011,

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