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Top 5 Places to See Exotic Animals in Asia

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It’s always hard to find the right activities to entertain the whole family during holidays. Animal experiences are not only a great source of entertainment, they can also be very educational, and can inspire an appreciation of nature in children. has put together a list with the best places to visit with your family to have exotic animal experiences, all within Asia.

KAYAK - Exotic Animals - Water Buffalo Thailand

Ride the Water Buffalo in Thailand

Everybody rides the elephants when they visit Thailand, but how about giving your kids the unique experience of riding water buffalos? Originating from Southeast Asia, these gentle creatures can be ridden bareback and barefoot through peaceful rice fields. Plus, water buffalos are much more comfortable than elephants, and this will definitely be something your kids will remember!

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Phuket $1,500
Where to stay: Himaphan Boutique Resort from $400

Child with owl _iStock_000045311450_Small

Animal Cafes in Tokyo, Japan

You don’t have to go into the wild to get up close and personal with exotic animals. Since the first cat cafe emerged around six years ago, the concept of combining cat-play with cappuccino-drinking gained popularity very quickly, and has now spread to include other kinds of pets and animals. In Tokyo, there are several cafes where visitors can spend time with exotic birds such as falcons, hawks, owls, parrots, parakeets, sparrows and cockatoos. Fans of these feathered creatures are encouraged to bring their own to socialise with the aviary birds. Definitely a delightful and intriguing experience, which is both affordable and accessible.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo $1,600
Where to stay: The B Hanchoijo from $729

KAYAK - Exotic Animals - Butterfly Malaysia

Visit the Magical Butterfly Aviaries in Penang, Malaysia

Combining education with a fun experience is always a challenge with children when you are on holidays. One activity that brings the two together is a visit to the butterfly farms and aviaries of Malaysia. Did you know that butterflies actually have ears? Or that they are able to see ultraviolet colours? Learn fun facts, and all about rare and extinct species and see the vast diversity of rich colours, dazzling patterns, sizes and shapes they come in. How many legs do butterflies have? Find out on your next trip. Butterfly farms and aviaries are an amazing nature learning opportunity and make for a truly magical holiday encounter.

How to get thereReturn flights from Hong Kong to Penang $1,600
Where to stay: Museum Hotel from $340

KAYAK - Exotic Animals - Python Burma

See the Burmese Python in Burma

If butterflies aren’t your thing and your kids are more interested in the amphibians of the world you should take them to Burma – where the local Burmese Python are waiting to be visited! The Burmese python is one of the largest species in the world and can reach up to 7 meters in length. When the pythons are young they spend a lot of time in trees, but as they grow they make the ground their home. This non-poisonous snake can live up to 100 years, be as thick as an adult human thigh and weight up to 90 kilos! But don’t let their size scare you – these creatures a very docile and often well fed in the sanctuaries, where you can view them close-up in exhilarating detail.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Mandalay $3,200
Where to stay: Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel from $1,140

Learn about the Tarsier in the Philippines

These little intriguing creatures, with their big, glistening eyes and long fingers, are the smallest of the primates. Using their long fingers they spring from branch to branch, and are the only strictly carnivorous primate feeding on insects, reptiles and small birds. These creatures are quite different to their primate cousins, as the Philippine Tarsier prefers to be alone than to socialise and is very territorial about its space. The Tarsier is only found in the Philippines, where travellers can visit one of the many different sanctuaries.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Manila $1,000
Where to stay: The Henry Hotel Manila from $760

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