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This New Facial Promises To Rejuvenate Tired Skin

beauty rejuvenate tired skin high society skin clinic
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Get ready to regenerate with this latest oxygen-based treatment from High Society Skin Clinic & Princessbrows!

Being a mama often goes hand in hand with sleepless nights, which can in turn take its toll on our skin (as well as our tempers!). Don’t get us wrong, we are big fans of the cleanse, tone and moisturise school of thought, but it’s hard to find time to give ourselves a weekly face mask (or we simply forget and flop down in front of the TV instead). That’s why we like treating ourselves to a salon facial every once in a while and one of the newest offerings from High Society Skin Clinic & Princessbrows, which promises to rejuvenate tired skin, has really caught our eye. It’s called Astronautics O2 Therapy.

beauty rejuvenate tired skin oxygen facial

It’s a premium anti-ageing facial that can help to regenerate skin cells for those times when you feel like you need a bit more TLC. It uses a mixture of highly concentrated oxygen and anions (negative ions which come with a whole heap of health benefits, including boosting energy levels and improving blood circulation). So this treatment can also alleviate the symptoms of colds, headaches and allergies (what’s not to love?). It can even relieve hangover symptoms, not that you’d ever have one of those of course!

beauty rejuvenate tired skin astronautics therapy

Interested? Well then here’s what to expect during the one-hour treatment. The therapist will begin by thoroughly cleansing and massaging your face, before using a special instrument to blast oxygen straight into your pores. You can then channel all those childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, as a large dome is placed over your head for around 20 minutes to continue the oxygenation process. Following this, a deliciously-scented natural rose face mask will be applied, leaving you ready to take on the world again with fresher and plumper skin (hurrah!).

In case you’re still undecided, let us quickly tell you about the other benefits of Astronautics O2 Therapy. Not only does it help detoxify our bodies, it also stimulates collagen production. You should see an improvement in the texture of your skin too, as it helps to balance your pH levels. So next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, or just need some mama time, why not give it a try!

Sassy Mama PerkDon’t forget to mention Sassy Mama when you book to enjoy your first trial for the special price of $850, instead of the usual $1,500.

High Society Skin Clinic, Unit 1604-05, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2799 0800, WhatsApp: 6338 8359, [email protected],

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images, images 1 and 2 courtesy of High Society Skin Clinic. Brought to you in partnership with High Society Skin Clinic.  

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