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Beauty Sanity Tip: The Brazilian Blowout

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Frizz. It can become an absolute nightmare when living in Hong Kong and in a few weeks time we predict the temperatures will skyrocket and the humidity will wreak major havoc on our tresses.

At our Settle In with Sassy sessions the one question we often receive is how to deal with uncontrollable hair come summer time.  This was once a tricky one for us to answer until we were introduced to the ultimate lifesaver – The Brazilian Blow-dry.

My Brazilian Blow-dry story began last April. We were gutsy enough to let the Sassy readers select a new hairstyle for us and I was “awarded” with a new fringe. While I was excited for a whole new look I had one major concern. What the heck was I going to do in the middle of summer when my fringe was a complete frizz ball from the humidity? My hairdresser calmly assured me that all would be okay once I completed my new look with a Brazilian Blow-dry.

He sold me almost immediately on the concept. I mean, who wouldn’t love totally frizz-free, shiny, soft and completely manageable hair right out of the shower? I am obsessively addicted to my flat iron and the thought of taking a 3-4 month hiatus from it sounded like a beauty dream come true.

There is a time commitment (3-4 hours) when getting it done and I know that finding extra hours in a day is extremely hard for mamas but believe me when I say this – the upfront effort is so worth it in the long run as styling your hair post-Brazilian is a complete breeze.

Most salons around town offer Brazilian Blowout services and prices do tend to vary. I am partial to Louis & Co. and it is rumored that their price (around $1,400) is one of the best in town.

Sassy Tip – Multi-task by bringing your laptop to your appointment so you can catch up on your admin! Most salons should have wifi for you to access.

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