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Sponge: Hair, Makeup and Lash Extensions All in One App

Home Makeup and Hair with Sponge
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A mama’s best friend

How many times have you wished that you could just pop out for a blowout before a night out only to find yourself bogged down at home with no time to leave the house? Thankfully Sponge, a mobile beauty service, has us covered. The Sponge team of professional hair and makeup artists will come to your home or office and take care of your hair, makeup, and lashes. You don’t even need to call, everything can be booked online! We had the Sponge team come to our offices so we could make sure this wasn’t all too good to be true…

Sponge review, before makeover

Katie, Managing Director of Sassy Mama

Ever since having my first baby in the Spring, I’ve been in a bit of a rut in the hair department. The Sponge menu of 5 inspirational options reminded me of all the alternatives to my go-to scrappy bun. Feeling spoiled for choice and torn between another look, I booked “The Weekender” (finally those Pinterest-worthy, undone waves could be mine!). For makeup, I went with the “The Influencer”, which promised a subtle smoky eye, delicate cheeks and lips. While I am a lifelong makeup lover, recently I’ve had the same look on repeat so I was excited to try something new.

Sponge Services in process with Katie

The Sponge girls showed up right on time and after a quick review of the look, got right to work, simultaneously doing my hair and makeup. In what seemed like no time at all, I was ready! I was given the option to make changes to the look but to my surprise loved it exactly the way it was. The delicate lips and cheeks meant a nude lip and subtle flush, allowing the focus to remain on my eyes.

Sponge review, curled hair

My hair was everything I hoped for – my flat, fine hair was filled with perfectly messy waves that actually lasted (even when my daughter tried her very best to mess them up!). The icing on the cake was when my husband came home and (without prompting!) said, “Wow, you look great!”

Katie's final look with Sponge

Outside of being in a wedding or the occasional cheeky stop at the makeup counter for a touch-up before a night out, it wouldn’t occur to me to get my hair and makeup done professionally.  Now that I know about Sponge, I am busy planning my next date night look.

Maura, Co-founder of Sassy Mama

Let me set the stage of my life at the moment. With two kids and work pretty much occupying most of my days, I was in need of an intervention to get me out of my beauty rut. While I tend to take an interest in my look, I am queen of throwing my hair in a generic ponytail. I am queen of saying “I don’t have time to pamper myself these days” and I finally know this is an excuse as services like Sponge makes it so easy for you to book (online!) and enjoy the pamper sesh without it being a total time suck in your day. Oh and get this, mama, they come to you. Bonus! This is key for any mama doing the whole juggling act and are finding that pampering sessions (and the commutes that come with it) are the first to get removed from the juggle.

Maura Thompson - Sassy Sponge Review

To stay within my hair-up-comfort-zone I went for The Athlete which is a customisable braid which for me translated to a ponytail with a cool braided twist. Right up my alley! I opted for ‘The Inspiration’ makeup look which is a radiant and fresh complexion with highlighted cheekbones and champagne shimmer eyes.

Maura's hair style with Sponge

The result – I was hooked. I felt like a whole new person and anyone in the office could see it gave me a whole new pep in my step (which continued the next day as I seriously rocked that braid for as long as I could!).

I was so hooked that on the taxi ride home that night I booked for Team Sponge to come to my home a few days later to try out The Weekender hair style and The Influencer makeup for a night out with friends. That resulted in me now wanting to try the eyelash extension service, while chillin’ in my pj’s… so I think an obsession has officially begun.

Maura's final look with Sponge

So what are you waiting for mamas? Make sure to book your next pamper sesh with Sponge for a good ol’ date night, brunch with the girls or if you’re looking for a quick update from your every day look.

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