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Here’s Why You Should Consider Brighton College For Your Child If You’re Moving To Singapore

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Get the best fit for your child with an “academically selective school”.

Hong Kong can be a very transient city and if you’re making the move to Singapore, you’re probably already looking for the right fit for your child. As part of that search, you might want to add to your list an “academically selective school”, such as Brighton College (Singapore).

Brighton College (Singapore) is a new school that’s opening up in the Lion City, focusing on the Prep or Primary Years. It’s a small school with exceptional facilities, and last year, its parent school in the UK was named the country’s top independent school by the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2019.

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So what exactly is an academically selective school and how can that benefit your child? Here’s all you need to know about the selection process at Brighton College (Singapore) and what makes the school stand out from the crowd.

  • The Brighton College Curriculum is particularly unique. Although it is underpinned by the English National Curriculum and satisfies these requirements, it is significantly enhanced and is ambitious and challenging. Besides the traditional academic subjects, it offers opportunities to promote leadership, outdoor learning, performance arts, languages, design and innovation, along with character education and social responsibility.
  • During selection, the aim is not to find the right child for the school but to ensure that it is the right school to ensure your child’s happiness. Assessments will vary with age and in the younger years are based around exploratory play, in groups or individually.
  • Older children (Year 2 and above) will be given more independent tasks on paper or online; however, all of these are carried out in a very supportive environment, similar to what they would experience in their everyday classrooms.
  • The best way you can prepare your child for an academic assessment is to discuss with them where they will be going and why, who they will meet when they get there and get them used to answering questions about themselves. Brighton College (Singapore) wants to get a glimpse of their personalities. They will ask for previous school reports so will already have an understanding of your child as a learner.
  • If you are not in the country, Brighton College (Singapore) can work with you remotely on the assessment process. Remote assessments and personal calls with their Head Master, Paul Wilson are all part of their standard onboarding for those who cannot travel.

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There are limited places for August 2020 enrolment, so if you would like to book a remote or in-person assessment for your little one, do get in touch soon. You can also find out more about Brighton College (Singapore) and whether it’s the perfect school for your child by emailing or calling (+65) 6505 9790!

Brighton College (Singapore), 1 Chuan Lane, Singapore 554299,

Brought to you in partnership with Brighton College (Singapore). All images courtesy of Brighton College (Singapore).

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