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Natural Organic Clothing for Your Babes by CIGOGNE BéBé

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The softest organic cotton, ethically sourced and beautifully designed, CIGOGNE BéBé has you sorted for beautiful babies and children clothing.

The stork has always been a symbol for the arrival of a new baby in the family. It’s also how us mamas and papas explain how their baby sibling came into the world (aka the birds and the bees) with our littles before the #realtalk happens. And with that symbol, a husband and wife duo came up with CIGOGNE BéBé, which literally translates to Stork and Baby. As the stork brings happiness and joy through the baby to a family, their hope is that CIGOGNE BéBé does the same with their clothing.

With all the different choices for baby and children’s clothing out there, it’s rare to find a company that places the quality of their clothes in and of the same importance as how they come about to attaining them. Not only are their signature collections completely organic with naturally coloured cotton; their clothes are ethically made as well in factories where their workers are paid a fair salary and treated well. It definitely gives us mamas, peace of mind knowing that we’re dressing our kiddos in beautifully ethical clothing.

CIGOGNE BéBé has a range of uniquely naturally coloured cotton in their designs. This breed of cotton grows in different hues like cream, brown, green and even red! There are no man-made fertilisers or pesticides when it comes to this cotton and when processed, it is not bleached or dyed. We’re talking all organic here, mamas! Naturally coloured cotton is great for newborns with sensitive skin and babies that are prone to rashes, eczema and easily irritable skin.

Shop from their range of dresses, shirts, bottoms, rompers, blankets, mittens, booties, change mats, family sets, hats and more! These well designed pieces of clothing are not only gorgeous and adorable for your little ones, they are also affordable!

Sassy Mama PerkWhat’s more, CIGOGNE BéBé is offering all Sassy Mama readers a special 10% discount in their online shop when you use the code SASSYMAMA06 upon checking out. This code expires on Saturday, 23 July, 2016.

Brought to you in partnership with CIGOGNE BéBé.

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