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We Asked Three Mums To Take A Family Planning DNA Test: Here’s Why

CircleDNA Family Planning DNA test in Hong Kong
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Three Sassy Mamas discover the benefits of taking CircleDNA’s “World’s most comprehensive DNA test”, at every stage of family planning. Screen genetics pre-pregnancy, take a DNA test when already pregnant, and check your genes even after having children. Unlock the secrets of your own DNA and live your best life.

About to make the exciting leap from just the two of you, to three (or more!)? You may be nervous about the unknown, particularly when it comes to your future family’s health and wellbeing. First, remember, you’re not alone. Secondly, there may be a way to answer some of your questions by screening your own genes with a CircleDNA test. Read on to find out just how it works from our very own Sassy Mamas and find out how you can get your hands on an exclusive discount

Why Do A CircleDNA Family Planning DNA Test?

Founded by Hong Kong’s own genetics and diagnostic health testing company, Prenetics, CircleDNA offers families one of the most extensive and in-depth health-based DNA tests, with the goal of empowering you with valuable health insights so that you can live a healthier life. Not only can you uncover fun facts about your ancestry, but also any unusual food sensitivities, whether you are intellectually gifted, which fitness regimen is best for your body, as well as markers for hereditary diseases.

By finding out about your own health, CircleDNA’s test kits can help predict your own children’s wellbeing. In Sassy Mama HQ, at any given time, there are people at various stages of the parenting journey. So who better to road-test the “World’s most comprehensive DNA test” than three Sassy families:

  • Elle and her husband Elliot, who are expecting their second child
  • Alex, the mama of one very active toddler
  • And Emily, who’s at the start of her family planning journey with her fiancé

CircleDNA Premium DNA test in Hong Kong

Our three Mamas opted for the Premium DNA test bundle which includes all of the available screenings from CircleDNA:

  • 115 cancers and disease risks reports
  • 60 diet, fitness and wellness reports
  • 163 carrier condition reports (under the Family Planning screening)
  • Plus, two complimentary consultations with its genetics professionals and more

While the DNA test cannot detect fertility issues in parents, the Family Planning screening and genetic tests can help to discover any potential health risks that you and your children could be faced with and, most importantly, understand how to take early action for prevention and how best to manage any situations that might show.

Parents to be with their CircleDNA testing kits, Hong Kong

How A CircleDNA Test Works…And Is There Anything To Worry About?

Getting a positive result on the presence of certain carrier conditions can be scary, but as our genetic consultants later explained, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your or your child’s life will be automatically impacted. You must remember that when it comes to hereditary diseases, both parents need to be positive carriers for there to be a high chance of it passing to the child (if it’s just one parent, the chances are low). What’s even more reassuring is that following the DNA test, you will get the information needed and steps required to live a healthier lifestyle, by mitigating and reducing risk factors for any unexpected results.

Knowledge is power, so with that in mind, our three Mamas were happy to step up!

Step 1: After receiving the CircleDNA test kit, each downloaded the CircleDNA app and scanned the individual barcode to register their kit.

Step 2: Using the swab provided, they took a sample of saliva, popped it into the secure tube and sent it back to the laboratory for processing via SF Express (arranged free of charge via the app)

Step 3: CircleDNA aims for an 18-day turnaround, but our Mamas received their test results much sooner than expected

So what were the results for our mamas/mama-to-be? And was it worth it?

Parents-to-be take their CircleDNA testing kits, Hong Kong

Mama One: Taking A DNA Test While Pregnant

My husband and I were curious about doing a DNA test for some time and, with a baby on the way, we both thought CircleDNA’s Premium family planning test could be a good way to check if there’s anything that we should be aware of.

The test is extremely thorough and reports on everything from success traits, and musical and dance abilities (on which I scored highly!) to family planning, disease risk and drug response. We were really surprised at how easy it was to read and understand all the results. Everything is presented clearly in graphs and broken down into categories and there’s also a report summary.

CircleDNA test results on mobile phone app

Would you recommend doing a DNA test while pregnant?

The main thing that the DNA test made us think about is how important it is to understand your body and what it needs so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, the importance of health checks so that you can detect any issues early on, so I would recommend it.

It’s quite funny going through these results together and having a new understanding of why you might behave a certain way (hello OCD!). Our test picked up on some unexpected ancestry which is super interesting and has sparked our interest to delve deeper into family history.

Sassy Mama takes her CircleDNA test kit

Mama Two: Doing A DNA Test After Having A Baby

Our daughter is already a toddler so it might seem a little late doing a DNA test but I’m very pleased I did. The Premium CircleDNA test was super easy and efficient (even for a techno-phobe like me!) and there was definitely a thrill when the results came in.

The results were clearly laid out, easy to understand and very interesting. It did flag up several gene mutations in areas which were all a surprise to me. For example, from 163 tests in the Family Planning section, I had one come back as positive.

How useful was the follow-up phone consultation?

Speaking with the genetic consultant really helped me to understand what the results meant for my daughter and I. While there is only one way to know for sure if she also carries the mutation (by her taking a DNA test as well), the consultant explained what to look out for in terms of symptoms, how I should address the issue with my general practitioner, lifestyle changes I could make to help reduce the effects and annual consultations to monitor the situation with a blood test.

Mama-to-be takes a CircleDNA test kit

Mama Three: Taking A Family Planning DNA Test Before Getting Pregnant

I have been looking into taking a DNA test for some time now as I am really interested in learning more about what lifestyle changes I could adopt to help my wellbeing. CircleDNA covers all those things, and when I saw the Premium DNA test has a family planning element as well, my partner and I decided to do it as we have recently been talking about starting a family.

Would you recommend the premium CircleDNA test?

I was actually really excited when I got the results. It felt like opening my A-Level exam results all over again! 

As well as family planning information, the premium test offered so much more so I would recommend it. I really value the information I have for diet and lifestyle and it’s made me really think about how I can be making small changes to better my wellbeing.

Interested in taking a CircleDNA Test In Hong Kong?

There are currently four CircleDNA testing kits available:

  • The Vital Kit ($1,490), focusing on diet, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness
  • The Health Kit ($3,990), spotlighting health and disease risks
  • The Family Planning Kit ($3,990), which tells you about genetic risks and hereditary conditions
  • And the Premium Kit ($4,990), which covers everything

Head to the website to order your kit now! And don’t forget to use our exclusive Sassy Mama discount perk below.

sassy mama perk

The first 10 customers can enjoy 33% off sitewide using the code Sassy33

Brought to you in partnership with CircleDNA. All images property of Sassy Media Group for CircleDNA.

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