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Combat Fatigue and Anti-Ageing Tips with Mindfulness

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Turn back time and reduce cellular ageing with mindfulness…

Hong Kong’s high-octane lifestyle lends itself to burning the candle at both ends… For those of us feeling strung out and overwhelmed, mindfulness offers an empowering and enduring antidote, resulting in long-term benefits, including anti-ageing. So for all those Sassy Mamas out there looking for an alternative to tea-toxes and those ball-busting spin classes – consider door number two.

Mindfulness is a highly effective means by which to rewire your brain, reduce cellular ageing and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Rasmus Hougaard, founder of the Potential Project, will be in Hong Kong on Tuesday, 31 May to launch his book “One Second Ahead” to demonstrate how mindfulness can significantly increase happiness, boost resilience, combat fatigue, relieve anxiety, enhance self-awareness and recharge brain cells.

The Potential Project is the world’s leading supplier of corporate mindfulness training, and Hougaard will be at Bookazine’s new flagship store at Prince’s Building from 6.30 – 7.30pm on Tuesday, 31 May to demonstrate how a 10-minute mindfulness regimen can be incorporated into everyday routines, to make you feel more compassionate, connected and better able to relate to others.

Through Hougaard’s book, “One Second Ahead,” he has helped thousands of people restore their wellness, and has educated many on its potential usefulness as an anti-ageing method.

In our technologically frenzied, ant-marching society, we are living on autopilot, blindly reacting to an onslaught of text messages, emails and social media.  As a result, we compromise the time we spend on who and what really matters. The physical and psychological impact of not taking a breath to pause and live in the moment, can take a toll on all of us.

Recent research has revealed stunning psychological and cognitive effects of mindfulness; that is, by protecting caps on the ends of our chromosomes (called telomeres) mindfulness can slow the process of ageing.

Given that telomeres play a vital role in cellular ageing, every time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter, unless an enzyme called telomerase reconstructs them. When telomeres get too short, a cell can no longer replicate, and it consequently dies. The enzyme telomerase, can counter the effect of the telomere length and is associated with health. Trials conducted have suggested that an increase in the practice of mindfulness can lead to a surge in telomerase activity – as compared to a placebo group. Where the uptick of telomerase persisted over a long period, this tipped the scales in favour of a delay in cellular ageing.

So mamas, what are you waiting for? Make sure to head over to the launch of One Second Ahead and learn more about how mindfulness can help you turn back time and achieve balance.

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