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Creative Storage for Small Kid’s Rooms

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Storage for small kid’s rooms – six design solutions to make it work

Hong Kong bedrooms are usually not very spacious, but even more so in the kid’s bedrooms. So where to store all their books, clothes and toys, mamas? If the mess is piling up and you don’t want to store everything in your living room, look no further. There are plenty of functional storage solutions available that can be applied in a small bedroom.

When looking for which space to use for storage, be creative and think (literally!) out of the box. You may actually have more space than you know. Style doesn’t need to take a backseat either, good storage solutions can look chic too. Worried about breaking the bank? You’d be surprised that clever and effective storage doesn’t have to cost a lot. Once you have created a smart, functional and beautiful storage space, your child will be happy to play (and store away!) in their own space.

vertical shelving

1. Vertical space – shelving!

Making use of vertical space is a great way of creating more space in a bedroom. Look up! Vertical shelving is a great place to store books and favourite toys without using any floor space. Plus, it looks nice too! Just a small tidbit mamas, hang your shelves at an appropriate height to make sure your littles can reach their teddy and books.  Closed, small storage cabinets are also great to hang above the baby changing table. They can hold anything from clothes, to shoes and even baby care items.

under bed storage

2. Built-in storage

If your child is not ready for a loft bed or you’re looking for something different, compact beds with drawers underneath are a great storage and space saving solution. The drawers are the perfect place for keeping bedding, blankets and other items stored away neatly. There are some fabulous ready made beds available or you can have one custom made to fit your space perfectly.

under bed boxes

3. Under bed storage

Even if you don’t want to invest in a different bed with drawers underneath there are many solutions to create extra storage space. Rolling bins are great to store books and or toys of all shapes and sizes under the bed. Crafty mamas can also get to some DIY-ing and add little wheels under repurposed boxes that are both beautiful and functional. Muji or Ikea are excellent places to look for affordable zip boxes too. But before you go out to buy boxes, don’t forget to measure the space beneath the bed!

storage bench

4. Storage bench

Storage benches are a great way to enhance your space that serve dual purposes – sitting and storing! You can buy a ready made storage benches (Ikea is our best friend!) or repurpose an old bookcase. Add colourful wicker baskets, comfy cushions and start storing!


5. Small book shelves

If your kids have quite a few books and you don’t have the space to put them in a large bookcase, this book storage solution is perfect. Use a few inexpensive spice racks and paint them in a colour that matches the room. Put the spice racks up on the wall or a door, and make sure your child can reach the racks. Not only does this shelf provide great storage for books, it helps your child to be able to find and reach their books at ease.

The spice racks above are called ‘Bekväm’ and are available at Ikea for $ 49,90.

indigo boxes

6. Pretty storage boxes and baskets

When you are buying storage boxes to store away books or toys, make sure your find ones that are great to look at too. You might find yourself using the same boxes again and again when your child grows and the items to store change. Your child might even find it fun to play with the box itself!

Cottage storage baskets, available at Indigo starting at $429. The pink storage ‘letter’ box set is available at Indigo for $106.

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