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Date Night: Fine dining Cantonese cuisine at W Hotel Hong Kong

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Sassy Mama is no stranger to the W Hong Kong Hotel when it comes to good food and drinks. We were lucky enough recently to get the chance to sample the new summer set menu at their signature Chinese restaurant Sing Yin, which features sumptuous, seasonal dishes by new Executive Chef Raymond Wong.

With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Chef Wong has honed his skills from working in prestigious kitchens such as Lee Garden and Dragon Seal and now brings that authentic touch to Sing Yin. His style reflects the Guangdong tradition of cooking and in a place like Hong Kong that is teeming with Cantonese restaurants, I am happy to report that his cooking definitely differentiates itself from other restaurants serving similar cuisine.


Our meal started off with a delicious amuse bouche that consisted of beef brisket and pickled tomatoes. These were light and moreish, and a great indication for the meal ahead. Chef Raymond was 100% in charge of our dishes for the night, drawing from the new summer menu, and this one was a definite crowd pleaser!


Sliced barbecued suckling pig, honey-glazed barbecued pork and jelly fish tossed with sesame oil came next. All three hit the mark! We loved how thinly sliced the suckling pig was. The meat was tender and moist and the outer crackling was perfectly crisp, just the way it should be. The jelly fish salad was tangy and provided a nice textural contrast, while the barbecue pork meat was succulent and flavourful.


Next came the double-boiled conch and fish maw soup, which was a good-for-the-body-and-the-soul type of soup! The broth was so rich in flavour and hearty and warmed us up from the inside. If you’re adventurous, the broth is filled with goodies such as fish maw, conch pieces and Chinese olives.

IMG_2921The following dish of crab claw with steamed egg was hands-down our favourite. Traditionally, this dish is egg whites only, but Chef Wong incorporates the yolks as well in his version, creating an altogether luscious and decadent bite. The steamed egg was infused with a flavourful broth and Chinese wine, which was silky smooth to the taste. The sweet crab claw was cooked perfectly and mini asparagus and sliced strawberries were a nice garnish to top it off. This is a definite must-try!

IMG_2923Mustard greens are in season this summer and they were served here with a simple preparation that highlighted the produce. The greens were gently steamed and served with a rich fish broth that we couldn’t get enough of. A little dusting of crispy ginger slices on top provided a nice kick.


The next dish was steamed abalone served in a lotus leaf wrap with glutinous rice. It was served in a small bamboo steamer and was the premium version of your typical dim sum lotus leaf wrapped rice parcel. Abalone can often be overcooked and rubbery, but our piece was lovely in both flavour and texture. This was a real treat as we neared the end of the meal.


The final course took a more non-traditional route to your typical Cantonese dessert. The tofu dessert resembled a thick panna cotta and was served with a chocolate nut spread and raspberries. Not too rich, this was a great way to end the meal on a sweet note!

With a gorgeous restaurant setting and relatively quiet atmosphere, Sing Yin at the W is a wonderful spot for a date night, or a place to take older kids and introduce them to authentic Guangdong-style cuisine. Chef Raymond’s summer menu is thoughtfully conceived and lets fresh produce shine with tasty flavour combinations that anyone can appreciate.

The summer set menu is $598 + 10% surcharge per person and is available through 31 August. Call 3717 2848 for reservations.

Sing Yin, W Hotel Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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