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Melissa Kong School of Ballet

8/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causewaybay Hong Kong

Located in Causeway Bay, Melissa Kong School of Ballet was started by talented ballerina, Melissa Kong, who received the prestigious Heinz Bosl Memorial Scholarship back in 1985, and is still very much the same lithe, bright, and gentle ballerina today. The studio offers classes for lil’ ones to adult classes, offered six times a week, which are very popular with women and if mums, you go, you will meet some ballet enthusiasts who have been attending class for over a decade and still enjoy it. Many of them have children who also dance and it delights your child to see you dancing as well! You and your little ones will love her and the classes offered at Melissa Kong School of Ballet!

Classes are prepaid in bulk so if you miss a class, make sure you count it so you can use it later on. There is only one studio but it is big and spacious and has a spectacular view of Victoria Park along with the rest of Causeway Bay. If you or your child does not have a ballet outfit, you can purchase leotards, skirt, dance tights, ballet shoes, and accessories from Mrs. Kong. If you are interested in enrolling your child into ballet exams, this is the place to go to! Children are split up into grade groups so that the more advanced children are in a class with other children who are of similar levels. Even adults are encouraged to pursue exams but it is not at all mandatory. Parents are welcome to peek through the glass window to look at their children dancing.

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How to get there:

Melissa Kong School of Ballet is tucked away in Park Avenue Tower which is across the street left of the Hong Kong Central Library which is on 66 Causeway Road. You will meet first meet a street food stall, 7 eleven, Journalize, and continue walking until Park Avenue Tower.

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