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Easter Egg Carton DIY Activities For Your Kiddos

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Holidays are all about creating memories with your little kiddos, and DIY-ing those memories makes them all the more special.

If you want to make this Easter the best one yet, spend a little quality time at home making mini-Easter baskets and little Easter bunnies. Perfect to use as Easter decorations around the house and they make a great gift for teachers, friends and family. Imagine the look on their little faces when their baskets are filled with chocolates on Easter Sunday!

These two activities are designed to be done together so your kids remain active while the paint is drying. The total time for both activities will be around 30 minutes from start to finish.


Easter Craft Supplies

  • 1 recycled egg carton, colour construction paper, old newspaper, clothes peg
  • Paint, paintbrush, markers, toothpick
  • Scissors, white glue or stapler (optional)
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Easter grass/shredded paper (optional)

Parent Prep

Decide how many Easter baskets and Easter bunnies you want to make! Prepare all materials before sitting down with your child to do the activity. Older children can help with the prep work.

prepared materials

  • Cut 1 egg carton cup for each Easter basket and 2 for each bunny. Trim the rough edges so the edges are flat
  • Cut 2 pieces of egg carton 3cm wide and 6cm long for each set of bunny ears
  • Cut strips of paper 1cm wide and 12cm long for each basket handle
  • Lay down some newspaper on your work surface for easy cleanup

Mini-Easter Basket

Start to finish time: 15 minutes

Make mini-Easter egg baskets! Paint with different colours and customise with patterns and designs.

painting egg carton

1. Hold the cup with the clothes peg and paint the inside and outside of the cup. Turn upside down on the newspaper and let dry. Skip to the Easter Bunny activity and return when the paint is dry!

Use glue

2. Put 2 dots of glue on the inside of each cup to attach the handle. Pinch and hold the strips of paper against the glue for at least 30 seconds. Let dry. (Can’t wait any longer? Staple the handle to the cup!)

glue strap to egg carton

3. Want to customise your basket? Decorate with patterns using a marker or paint with ear buds.

finished egg carton

4. Fill with Easter chocolates!

Easter Bunny

Start to finish time: 15 minutes

Create a family of little Easter Bunnies! Add paint to make white, brown or even a pink bunny!

cut out bunny ears

1. Draw a bunny ear shape on the rectangle egg carton strips. Cut out the shapes.

paint ears pink

2. Colour the inside of the ear white or pink

3. Draw on the bunny’s eyes, mouth and pink nose! Have googly eyes? Add them with a drop of glue.

paint bunny face

4. Use a toothpick to add fine whiskers with white paint.

glue ear on the bunny

5. Bend the bottom tip of each ear about 1 cm. Put glue onto bent tip and stick on the back of the cup. Pinch and hold for 30 seconds. Let dry. (Can’t wait any longer? Staple the ear to the cup!)

finished bunny

6. Taa-daa! You have a cute little bunny to hold an Easter egg or chocolates.

Take your freshly made egg carton baskets and bunnies for a fun Easter egg hunt for the whole family!

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