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Hoppin’ Easter Activities for Your Kiddos

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Keep your kids engaged and entertained this Easter holiday with these activities that are guaranteed to keep them having fun all week long…

Decided not to sign your kiddos up for Easter camps? No worries, mamas! British Tutors has got you covered with some lovely activity ideas (for the littles and the pre-teens!) that can be done right from your home with items that you’re sure to have already. Get ready to have an egg-cellent time with your kids!


Activities for Little Learners (Ages 2 – 5)

  • Cut out pictures and words from old magazines to make a themed wall collage. It could focus on animals, food, vehicles or be an inspiration wall for all the things they’d like to do this Easter – whatever inspires your little learner.
  • Gather a group of friends, collect saucepans, dried pasta in jars, empty food tins and anything else you can imagine to make a junk percussion orchestra. See if you can get everyone playing together to make a recognisable tune. This seems to be a hit with boys particularly, although it makes for a noisy afternoon!
  • To keep little ones thinking about their phonics and reading, make a sound shopping list. When walking around a store or museum, find as many different objects as you can that begin with a chosen letter or sound.
  • Cooking projects are always popular and are great for developing motor skills in younger children, and for understanding and following instructions with tangible (and enjoyable!) results. Chocolate cornflake nests filled with baby Easter eggs might be something you’d like to try.


Activities for Mini Explorers (Ages 5 – 9)

  • At the start of the break, buy your mini explorer a big scrapbook. Over the holidays, encourage them to document their activities with photos, ticket stubs and leaflets and to annotate it with their thoughts and illustrations. You don’t have to leave Hong Kong for this to be a fun activity.
  • Choose a theme for the holidays – perhaps a country that you are visiting, a particular author that they are reading at the moment or even their favourite food. Create a project on the topic of interest, researching it online, with interviews, books and films. Keep it varied by encouraging them to include facts and figures alongside drawings, poems and photographs.
  • Set up an Easter egg treasure hunt, in your apartment, garden or across the whole of Hong Kong. Your mini explorer can create their own treasure map and clues and ask their friends or siblings to participate.
  • Head down to Pottinger Street and buy some fun costumes and props as the starting point for a home drama production, written, directed by and starring your kids.


Activities for Older Kids (Ages 8 – 13)

  • Encourage your kids to set up a mini enterprise at home – they could make, market and sell Easter cards or homemade chocolate treats.
  • Have them become a magazine editor, designing their own publication. They could start by choosing their topic, then designing a layout, writing articles and finding pictures to illustrate. Interested friends can be contributors.
  • Encourage them to keep a holiday journal to write in every day. Have them read famous diarists like Anne Frank or Samuel Pepys and think about how to tell the story of their daily life using different writing styles.
  • Have them write, produce and direct their own short film. From creating the story to finding locations, costumes and the cast, this is a great project with minimal equipment needed; they can use your iPhone or iPad as the camera and to edit.



British Tutors can arrange lessons and bespoke educational activities for children in the school holidays. Why not join us at The Summer Academy, our UK based summer school, this year?

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