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Treat Your Family To Fresh, Healthy Fruit That Has Been Ripened By The Sun

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WHAT’sIN delivers eco-friendly boxes of hand-selected, fresh, delicious fruit from Europe and Reunion Island straight to your front door

The biggest challenge for most families in Hong Kong is feeding a family fresh, healthy meals that are also within budget. And if you’re hoping to give them fresh, organic fruit, that wish is often unattainable. Luckily, WHAT’sIN has us covered!

You may have already heard about this new start-up that delivers healthy and tasty fruit to your doorstep. Well, we wanted to try it out ourselves – and we were not disappointed!

WHAT'sIN fruit basket

We ordered our fruit box from WHAT’sIN and it was delivered the next day at the scheduled time. First surprise when opening the box: no plastic at all! If being eco-friendly is at the top of your list (it is on ours!), you’ll love its packaging (everything comes in a recyclable box and kraft paper bags!).

The fruit we received was all organic from France, Italy and Spain. Ten different varieties to enjoy; some unique fruit such as yummy yellow peaches, Charentais melons, black figs and also the usual including apples, pears and kiwis. All fresh and delicious! No wonder the finest Hong Kong chefs are ordering WHAT’sIN fruit to create their best specialties.


WHAT’sIN guarantees all fruit has been grown in a safe environment and without pesticides (with different certifications such as organic, sustainable agriculture and/or high environmental value). Knowing 80% of Hong Kong fruits come from Mainland China, we feel much safer feeding our kids with these.

All in all, there were heaps of fruit, and for such a reasonable price we couldn’t believe the sun-ripened quality! Any expert will tell you that consuming fresh fruit and vegetables is important to your overall health, but when the price tag is too high, serving them becomes harder for many families. The produce found at WHAT’sIN is 30% to 40% LESS than what you’ll find in the supermarket, which means you’ll be getting fruit that are full of nutrients and overall goodness, and you won’t be breaking the bank to get them!

Sassy Mama PerkSassy Mama readers who use the code “FRUITS4SASSY” will receive 25% off their first orders!


Visit its website to order, or check out WHAT’sIN on Facebook or Instagram!

WHAT’sIN, Unit 3B, 13th Floor, Cable TV Tower, No.9 Hoi Shing Road, New Territories, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, 2178 2229;

Brought to you in partnership with WHAT'sIN, all images courtesy of WHAT'sIN

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